Thursday, December 11, 2008

The IT-Crowd theme

I've been following this tv-series for quite some time now (their already half-way season 3) but I stepped in at the end of S2.

For info about the tv-serie check the imdb link. But it's basically about the IT department in a big company which sells...well no one knows. After a while they get reinforced by Jen who's hired to manage them. It has a bunch of nerd-stereotypes but in a funny way (no revenge of the nerds humour(somebody tell me which is the English/US spelling!).

Neil Hannon - The It-crowd theme

It's a very simple tune in a good way. It sounds like it has to do with technology and fits the vid perfectly. It's hard to compare with anything but the way they repeat parts of the tune during an episode is almost alike to how they use the shot of the stargate base (SG1) on earth again and again as a moment of coming back to the main story. Brilliantly simple. Adding to this the recognizable error sounds..(and images) makes it one of the best instrumental tunes tv tunes of this moment.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Porno Soundtracks vol. 1

This one should result in interesting google search findings. But that's just what it's called and that's what it is.
Porno Soundtracks by The Forbidden ensemble (link to the cover might not be 100% safe for work, although there's no real nudity)

Over at they explain it very briefly:
They let three musicians, The forbidden ensemble, watch 70s porn (oh sorry, adult movies) and turn of the sound and see what music they come up with.

Scrolling through the tons of soundtracks I had lying around, this one of course sprang in sight and I really didn't know what to expect (not having seen the website). So I just played everything. First off, there's no moaning or sighing mixed through, so listening ís safe for work, although it might get your hormones pumping.

This 'cd' could be divided into three sets of music: slow sensual tracks, medium tempo tracks and fast tempo 'action' tracks.

The slow sensual tracks like This way please and This is it really set a mood, especially the organ music part of This way please almost gives off a sensual steam. In a track like We have to take some measurements first you almost hear sweat dripping (..I should write soft porn novels or something..).

The medium tempo tracks almost sound like a lead to the action. A track like Of course, this way madam. I want to show you the bathroom first makes you imagine someone coming in to buy a house and you know things will end up differently.

Finally the fast tempo tracks like Please come in, I want to have the master bedroom decorated first and My assistent will take notes sound like the action packed part of the whole set. I divided the music in 3 sets just to make reviewing it a bit more simple, there's no 'slow-medium-fast' order in the tracks though!

The music's pure instrumental but it would make perfect sense as background music for soft porn. I'm not a musician myself but I think the Forbidden ensemble has done a great job making this of this piece of porn for the ears.

Last but not least the titles sound like they are all (I'm pretty damn sure) actual spoken lines from (70s) porn. Which reminded me of a short kind of interlude in Xzibit's Hit & Run II

1 Sonny darling, I'm taking a shower
2 Goodmorning ma'am
3 Please come in
4 This way please
5 I want to have the master bedroom decorated first
6 This is it
7 Oh certainly madam, of course
8 We have to take some measurements first
9 My assistent will take notes
10 Of course, this way madam
11 I prefer a female opinion on the new color

Now tell me in all honesty that you can't imagine 70s porn while reading this tracklist *no?'re lying!*. You can listen & download it for free at the site linked earlier! It's actually prett good music to work or study by so what are you waiting for.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Merlin (2008) theme

I started watching this after I saw the title pop-up at the CAT tv download calender and I've been pleasantly surprised.

I thought, let's give it a chance and it turned out to be quite a cool tv-series. A friend of mine told me the only thing that's a bit strange is the 'token' black girl Guin(evere) and her dad. I like her (and her dad) as actors in Merlin, but I agree that they are a bit out of place in this story.

About the theme itself: from the first sound on it speaks of lore and epic adventures. A time of knights, romance, wizards and dragons. Without exagurating too much, it's a great theme for Merlin giving your ears a sneakpeak of the series.

Monday, September 08, 2008

True Blood {main theme}

Jace Everett - Bad things

When I first came across the True blood website I didn't really know it was a viral site for the tv-serie True Blood (cause I didn't hear about that one yet).
I've seen the first two episodes now and I think I'm hooked. That put aside, this is a soundtrack/score review site :)
They couldn't have picked a better song for True Blood. The town where it's set is put on screen as a (no offence!) hillbilly town and you meet Sookie who can read peoples' thoughts, and that isn't always a good thing. She can hear everybody's true 'feelings' and so 'hears' when people want to do 'bad things' to her ;) This song fits the town and the things that Sookie experiences. But when a vampire comes into town, she finds out she can't read him..we'll have to see if that's a bad thing. All in all a good tune.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Over There theme

Chris Gerolmo - Over there

There's much more music than only this theme song, but I don't have time for it atm. In the TV-series they let one of the guys act if he just wrote the song and he sings the first couple of lines. Very nice.
I really like this song, because somehow watching the tv doesn't come across as too corny or overdone. A great emotional track with the right message.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Iron Man OST: guestpost with Lee

Iron Man OST

I have really strong memories of watching the 60s cartoon version of Iron Man, as I got older I started reading the comic book series and so when it finally came time for it to be on the big screen I was really excited. Fortunately the movie was awesome or I think my little fanboy heart would have broken.
As you all know part of what makes a great movie is a great soundtrack.
Thankfully Iron Man manages to deliver on this also, granted with one glaring omission. No Black Sabbath: Iron Man!? It’s featured in the trailer, the game and the closing credits of the movie but does not make an appearance on the CD.


There is at least enough to keep most orchestral soundtrack fans happy:
1. Driving With The Top Down (3:10)
2. Iron Man (2008 version)( 1:05)
3. Merchant of Death (2:15)
4. Trinkets To Kill a Prince (3:08)
5. Mark I (3:54)
6. Fireman (2:09)
7. Vacation's Over (3:35)
8. Golden Egg (4:13)
9. Damn Kid (1:13)
10. Mark II (2:49)
11. Extra Dry, Extra Olives (1:44)
12. Iron Man (3:33)
13. Gulmira (4:06)
14. Are Those Bullet Holes? (2:00)
15. Section 16 (2:34)
16. Iron Monger (4:45)
17. Arc Reaktor (3:56)
18. Institutionalized (3:49)
19. Iron Man (0:21)

Composer Ramin Djawadi has a relatively small resume but is certainly not a stranger to the super hero movie genre as an assistant composer on Batman Begins and the composer for Blade:Trinity. A lot of this music is very much supplemental material to the film with the Iron Man fanfare sprinkled throughout the music.
I personally think that most movie scores tend to have three or four really strong tracks that epitomise the film’s music and then a bunch of, I don’t want to use the term filler, maybe supporting tracks is best. For those playing at home I recommend Driving With The Top Down, Merchant of Death, Vacation’s Over, Iron Man and Arc Reaktor.

One of the coolest moments for Iron Man fans and what I consider to be a very clever way of tipping one’s hat to the history of the character is the music that is played by the big band in the scene when Stark is to receive an award (and doesn’t show) is a wonderful big band version of the theme from the 60s cartoon. This also showed up later on the movie as another character’s mobile phone ring tone for Stark. I’m reminded of the use of the original Battlestar Galactica theme in the new series as the Colonial anthem.
There are a couple of other tracks on this CD, most notably Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies, which is catchy and was featured in Guitar Hero 2. A track by DJ Boborobo that would be just as home on any of the Chill Out albums and finally as a bonus the original cartoon series theme in all its glory (it is also my ringtone).

You can read up on Lee's life of watching movies, tv series, drawing cartoons etc on 'Quit your day job' I visited and never left. Guestposts, extra information or questions? just let me know, I want it all.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Crank OST

Lee provided me with tons of soundtrack and score goodyness but somehow I found a way to postpone reviewing any of those gazillion cd's (incl SG1 & SGA sweet!), some wíll certainly be done :)
But first.. Crank!

Crank OST

Info about the movie: check here, and click here for a bunch of lyrics.

1 A warrior's death (Dialog clip)
2 Quiet Riot - Metal Health
3 Nasal spray (Dialog Clip)
4 The Crowd - Trix are for kids
5 You stop, you die (Dialog clip)
6 Control Machete - Bandera
7 Small children (Dialog clip)
8 Refused - New noise
9 Chinese shit (Dialog clip)
10 Paul Haslinger - China town
11 Hardcore shit (Dialog clip)
12 Nofx - Kill all the white man
13 Dipsy doodle (Dialog clip)
14 Harry Nilson - Everybody's talkin'
15 Adrenaline junkie (Dialog clip)
16 Loverboy - Turn me loose
17 Paul Haslinger - Haitian cab ride
18 Jarret & Long - Achy breaky heart
19 Check List (Dialog clip) (listen from 1.10 at Trix are for kids)
20 David Rolas ft 10 West & Jim Barrz - Adrenalina
21 I kill people (Dialog clip)
22 Rockets from the cript - Bring us bullets
23 Eve's machine (Dialog clip)
24 Gerald Levert - Let's get it on
25 Paul Haslinger - Does she know?
26 The sleeping - Stayin' Alive
27 How much? (Dialog clip)
28 Roberto Tucson ft Erica Garcia - Meva Juan
29 Juice me (Dialog clip)
30 Tego Calderon - Guasa guasa
31 It's a miracle (Dialog clip)
32 Jefferson starship - Miracles

Most of the tracks can globally be divided in the categories of classics, punk, grimey rap, romantic tracks and the dialogs, and there's the 'other' category.

Quiet Riot's Metal health starts the movie giving off, a sneakpeak of the action rollercoaster that's about to follow. Nothing to say about this track than that it's a downright rock classic.

Turn me loose is an 80's action packed classic, which would also fit the GTA videogame series.

Achy breaky heart, who doesn't know this..personal feelings aside.., it deserves it's place in this movie with the strange relation of Chev and Eve. A pub classic.

Stayin' alive from The sleeping is a cool rock version where the guitar gives it just a bit more energy than the Beegee's track. Staying alive is exactly what Chev is trying to do.

The crowd's trix are for kids somehow reminds me of Judy is a punk on crack it's harder and louder but somehow sounds a bit alike.

Bring us bullets also has this energetic punk sound. These tracks fits the energy rush Chev needs to go through.

Kill all the white man is a mix of a relaxed reggae track with a spark of punk half-way through. It's a bit strange though..white guys singing this track ;)

Grimey rap
Bandera: if you could (you probably can) separate the moaning from the track it wouldn't misstand in a porn flick. Next to that it's a grimey latino gangstertrack just like Adrenalina (which looks like it's writen for this movie) and Guasa guasa which fit the latino gang enemies of Chev.

China town and Does she know? are the instrumental tracks by Paul Haslinger. China town has a weird party sound to it. Does she know? on the other hand has the dark and somber tone that you could also find in the Dexter OST.

Romantic songs
There are some strange semi-romantic scenes in Crank where the next couple of tracks fit like a glove.

'Let's get it on' is actually from a Marvin Gaye tribute cd. It's not Marvin Gaye, but Gerald Levert still gives it that smooth love making touch. That's gotta end up in a certain playlist.

Miracles: a nice romantic background song that will set the mood.
Everybody's talkin' is almost a slowdance song with a tropical teint to it, the only downpoint is that the base sets in a tad to loud.

Meva Juan is a Mexican steaming dance tune which ends as abrubtly as it starts.

Haitian cab ride is an instrumental but could als fit in the grime, it sounds like the cab ride Chev is taking in the movie, dark and grimey and my subwoofer loves it.

New noise: yeah! Hard rock/triphop!!! My neighbours are probably banging on all sides of the appartment now (I'm on the 6th floor). This track gives as much energy as Chev needs in the movie.

Finally there are a whole buch of dialog clips.
I really like how they picked the funny and strange short dialogs from the movie and put them in between the songs. I wouldn't be surprised if some dialogs were inspired by Tarantino. Especially 'Nasal spray'(Nasal spray..wha? Nasal spray, it's got epinephrine in it, it'll get you tweaked man) and 'Hardcore shit' (You take this Haitian shit *...* here This shit right here is some hardcore shit, it's made from plant shit) I've played 'Hardcore shit' around 50 times..this week I guess and it keeps cracking me up.

All in all this soundtrack uses the switching between the dialogs and the songs in a great way to tell the story of Crank.

Monday, June 23, 2008

European Championship 'soundtrack'

Overhere they used Sina's 'Wänn nit jetzt wänn dä' as a kind of soundtrack to the European football analysis' after the games at the program 'Studio sportzomer'.

It took a while (till after the Dutch got kicked out of the tourney) to find out how this track was called and by whom it was sung.
I like it very much, cause it has this sensual summer feeling to it. It sounds a líttle bit sad, but still it lightens my spirit. Does anyone know which language it is in? Cause it lóoks like German, it sounds almost Frysian (language cq dialect from overhere) but I guess it's a Swiss or German dialect..or...Reto-Romanic..don't know anything about that language..

The official track for the EC 2008 was this one though:
One night only - Just for tonight

Has a real emotional 'this is the big important match' feeling to it. I like it.
As for the whole feeling for this championship Switzerland and Austria did a great job. I liked the mascottes, the music and the enormous amount of football crazed emotional people.

I just feel a bit sad that we're not in the tourney anymore...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Juno OST

Juno OST

All I want is you A typical 'we belong together' - 'I'm the X to your Y' love song, country style.

After the first track Kimya Dawson picks up and because she is good for 7 (2 partly) of the 19 tracks on the soundtrack, I'll group her songs together.

The lyrics of Tire swing 'Joey never met a bike that he didn't want to ride, I never met a Toby I didn't like' made me laugh. I don't know if 'a Toby' also has such a double meaning as 'a bike' but it's funny nonetheless. Next to being funny I like the multiple voices joining in end dropping out eventually ending up in a canon.

Loose lips also cracked me up with lines like 'We won't stop untill somebody calls the cops, and even then we'll start again and just pretend that nothing ever happened'. I just love funny songs and the fast pace in this track is cool too, but Kimya sometimes almost stumbles through the lyrics and with the others joining in it sometimes sounds like a fast birthday song sung by a random group of people.

So nice so smart and Tree hugger both fall in the funny category. You should really check out the video that was made for Tree hugger.

Anyone else but you by the Moldy Peaches (half of which is Kimya) it's the same song as the last track. The Moldy peaches just give a strange funny sound to it.

Rollercoaster is not a real song but it's singing a song without lyrics..just 'tududududududu-ing' to the music, can't count the times I do this.
Sleep is a short sleepingtune being hummed. Too short to say anything really useful.

In the tracks that are actually sung by Kimya, her singing sometimes sounds a bit false, but in a strange way it fits the songs.

The Kinks' A well respected man has the 60s feeling that fits the movie. The movie is 'set' in the present but Juno gives a 60s swing to it. I didn't know The Kinks, but I'm going to play this track a lot more often.

Buddy Holly's Dearest is a bit too mushy for my taste. It just drips with being in love, especially the 'uhmmmya' part. Superstar and Sea of love also belong in this (although a bit less dripping) category of mushy love songs.

Up the spout composed by Mateo Messina (also the composer of the score) has the same sound as the tracks by Kimya Dawson which isn't surprising because he also based the score on her music.

The tracks from Belle and Sebastian Piazza, New York catcher and Expectations are both very relaxt songs, but try to explain the crazy lyrics from the Piazza song to me..they're just plain crazy.

All the young dudes was written by David Bowie and it sounds like a Bowie track (say 'Life on mars'). I like it.

I'm sticking with you (cause I'm made out of glue) is a simple but brilliantly funny love song.

Vampire another funny song by Antsy Pantsy.

Anyone else but you by Michael Cera and Ellen page is the closing song to this soundtrack and to the movie is a nice sweet duet from the main characters in the movie.

Listening to this soundtrack makes you want to listen to it again. It sometimes is sugarry sweet, but that's survivable. Next to that you should also listen to the lyrics really well, I like funny tracks and some of the tracks are definitely funny. I looked up some information about Kimya Dawson which says she makes so called 'anti-folk' music, which makes fun of too serious music, and of itself. I think this is thé reason they choose so many of her songs because Juno has this same attitude for the biggest part of the movie 'seriously' joking around about the whole adoption.


01 Barry Louis Polisar: "All I Want Is You"
02 Kimya Dawson: "Rollercoaster (Juno Film Version)"
03 The Kinks: "A Well Respected Man"
04 Buddy Holly: "Dearest"
05 Mateo Messina: "Up the Spout"
06 Kimya Dawson: "Tire Swing"
07 Belle & Sebastian: "Piazza, New York Catcher"
08 Kimya Dawson: "Loose Lips"
09 Sonic Youth: "Superstar"
10 Kimya Dawson: "Sleep (Instrumental)"
11 Belle & Sebastian: "Expectations"
12 Mott the Hoople: "All the Young Dudes"
13 Kimya Dawson: "So Nice So Smart"
14 Cat Power: "Sea of Love"
15 Kimya Dawson and Antsy Pants: "Tree Hugger" (brilliant video made for it by hanllyproductions
16 Velvet Underground: "I'm Sticking With You"
17 The Moldy Peaches: "Anyone Else but You"
18 Antsy Pants: "Vampire"
19 Ellen Page and Michael Cera: "Anyone Else but You"

I was pleasantly surprised I could find ALL of the tracks listed.

*Recommended by Lee from 'Quit your day job'.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Transformers OST

Transformers OST 2007

I díd see the movie (stupid thing Dutch the word is 'film' but switching to English I can't get used to choosing for 'film') twice, but can't recall for which scene which track is used for each track, only that some are just played during the credits. For me the soundtrack is a mix of well known (LP incl. Mike Shinoda, Smashing Pumpkins, Disturbed, Goo Goo Dolls) and completely unknown (hard)rock bands, I only knew HIM by name.

Linkin Park's 'What I've done' is quite different than I was used to from LP, but I feel people shouldn't hate it just because it's different from what they are used to from LP. It fits the movie well with the kind of softer LP sound.

The Smashing Pumpkins, Disturbed and HIM make me really turn up the speakers. These tracks are just the industrial rock sound that the transformers needed. Saw both the Smashing Pumpkins and Disturbed live btw, if you ever get the chance..don't miss them, especially Disturbed.

I like the track from the Goo Goo Dolls, but you've got to be in the mood for's a tad bit tooo mushy/romantic even for Sam & Mikaela.

The used's 'Pretty handsome awkward' and Taking back sunday's 'What it feels like to be a ghost are great! I'm quite looking forward to it if they would show up on a festival overhere. I like their mix of punkrock. Taking a look at the comments on youtube you will see a lot of 'emo'-hate..but that's just sad. So, maybe it sounds a bit 'emo' (hate the word) but I think that both tracks are great.

Styles of beyond & Mike Shinoda made a good bragging and boasting track which fits the attitude of soundwave. Love it.

Retina and the sky
Strange thing about this track is that at first I thought my boxes were broken, it sounded like plastic bits were bouncing through the insides, but's part of the track and I like it. End of the world has a similar sound with an addictive soft-rock sound.

Julien K's Technical difficulties has a exactly the electrical sound to it that you would expect to be used in a movie about big talking robots (..not in a negative way, but that's what transformers are).

What can I say about the Transformers theme, I'm still addicted to the old one (see below) and I like that one faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better.

All in all I like the soundtrack. The only thing is that in my (just bitching) opinion a modern Transformer movie shouldn't include too much drama and therefor more of the industrial rock music like 'This moment', 'Doomsday clock' and 'Passion on the killing floor'. But I guess that's 'hollywood'.

1 Linkin Park - What I've done
2 Smashing Pumpkins - Doomsday clock
3 Disturbed - This moment (not the áctual video, but it ís the actual track)
4 Goo goo dolls - Before it's too late (Sam & Mikaela's theme)
5 The used - Pretty handsome awkward
6 HIM - Passion on the killing floor
7 Taking back sunday - What it feels like to be a ghost
8 Styles of beyond ft Mike Shinoda - Second to none
9 Armor for sleep - End of the world
10 Idiot pilot - Retina and the sky
11 Julien K - Technical difficulties
12 Mutemath - Transformers theme

Also found an alternative theme by Black Lab (they also did a track on the Blade 3 OST).

And for the fans I looked up the old 1980's Transformers theme by Lion

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blue öyster cult vs Steppenwolf

I was listening to the Blue Öyster Cult's 'Stairway to the stars' :

And while listening something kept buzzing me's sounds a bit alike Steppenwolf's 'Born to be wild' somehow:

Is this waaaaaaaaaaaay old news, am I completely wrong..or do they have a sample (although used in a different way) in common: the guitarrifs.

While searching..I even came across the BOC's version of Born to be wild:

I'm from a different era so: enlighten me.
Not going to post any question about this on the vid responses because I know there are a bunch of fanboys out there who are just dying to scream how young they were when they started listening to this music and how cool that makes em (hear the sarcasm).

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dexter the score (tv series, not Dexter's lab)

There are 2 versions, the soundtrack and the score. Apparently I got the score, but the soundtrack and the score seem to overlap.

Dexter score

A very small synopsis snapped from
'Based on Jeff Lindsay's novels Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Dearly Devoted Dexter this crime thriller follows Dexter Morgan. Dexter is a forensic blood spatter expert for the Miami Dade Police Department. He is the main support for his sister. He has a steady girlfriend, with two kids who adore him. He also has an active "night life". Based on a code instilled in him by his foster father, Harry, he hunts down people who have escaped justice and makes sure they don't get away with a crime again.'

About the music:
Most tracks can be put into different categories which make the score into a whole.

Tracks like Opening, Wink, Escalate, End credit and House sound sinister and dark. These are sounds which give me the eerie feeling that fit Dexter as a 'good' serial killer.

Next to the whole 'good' vs 'bad' question there's a feeling of sadness about Dexter because he has to hide his true nature. Epilogue has a Spanish sound with a half-hearted happyness to it and Party sounds a bit alike. It reminds me of the adds for depressed people who don't know 'where the fun is in a party'. Hidden falls in the same category with almost Western-like sounds with a Spanish twist of sadness.

There are a couple of tracks which describe downright drama like Need time, Changed, Deb Cries, New legs and Funny. Photo which is one of my favorites also fits this category. It just speaks drama. I love how you hear the shifting of the guitar players hand on the guitar (don't know how this is called).

Working for the police and being a serial killer at the same time brings tension and action which can be heard very well in Ending, Shipyard and Fight.

Can't hide falls in between 'action/tension' and 'strangely normal' with tense xylophone plinging switching to 'a day like every day' guitar sound.

Subwoofer darkness
Connections and Match make me happy with my subwoofer. A deep bass rumble describing darkness.

Strangely normal
Harry's rule sounds like a routine day in the life of a hidden killer, a walk in the park (Harry was Dexter's dad who taught him the craft). And so does
The Dexter Theme: watch (and listen to) it first.

Everything you see insinuates Dexter's real life: killing. The track sounds like a normal day of a normal person but you can almost hear there's more to it.

The tv series has a very dark feeling to it. Most sane people will have moments when they think..'somebody should kill that criminal because the justice system failed'. Dexter does exactly thát. We know it's wrong but in the dark corners of our mind are glad someone does the dirty job. Daniel Licht did a great job composing music which captures that feeling and Rolfe Kent made a perfect theme. If you like soundtrack/score music, this one is a must!

Tracklisting from the score
1 Daniel Licht - Opening
2 Daniel Licht - Wink
3 Daniel Licht - End credit
4 Daniel Licht - Escalate
5 Daniel Licht - Epilogue
6 Daniel Licht - Funny
7 Daniel Licht - Need Time
8 Daniel Licht - Photo
9 Daniel Licht - Hidden
10 Daniel Licht - Can't hide
11 Daniel Licht - Party
12 Daniel Licht - Changed
13 Daniel Licht - Connections
14 Daniel Licht - Deb cries
15 Daniel Licht - New legs
16 Daniel Licht - Match
17 Daniel Licht - Harry's rule
18 Daniel Licht - Ending
19 Daniel Licht - Shipyard
20 Daniel Licht - House
21 Daniel Licht - Fight
22 Rolf Kente - Dexter Theme (also on the OST)

You can at least listen to the samples which are featured on the original soundtrack here: Amazon link to the OST The 'identical' tracks seem to be longer on the soundtrack than on the score though!

I'm also getting the ost, but I won't review it. It's save to say it's great music!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Wire All seasons and episodes

*Updated 23rd of June 2015 updated  + spotifylist

Below you can find an extensive, but still incomplete, tracklisting for all seasons of The Wire.
Please leave a comment if you've got any info or questions or just want to comment :)


I've made a Spotify playlist with everything I could find. Updating as I go. Currently at 760 subscribers :)

Made an account over at WatZatSong? (sndtrksfwtfr) and uploaded some samples. Hope it will help.

Just want to thank everyone who's been linking this post all over the web, the reddit link almost doubled my traffic for a day :)
Oh and I just now replied to some messages on facebook, sorry for the enormous delay, never checked the 'other messages' section before. I will now, but you can always comment too.
Major thanks go out to a Jeremiah and to Bendy1 and Jacobwhitt (giving credit where credit is due ).

Other sites of interest
Drake over at links to a bunch of tracks on rhapsody, but as non-American I can't listen to it :(

Nora Lee Mandel's blog about the popcultural influence of The Wire:
Mavens nest - The Wire

(09/07/12) Added Baltimore music info from: They've also got links to where you can búy the music so visit! I've noted that the episode numbering he used seems either he or I am one episode off. I'll have to check that later..(or let me know in the comments which saves me time)

A piece-by-piece, episode-by-episode look at The Wire:
The Wire blog

Alan Sepinwall gives indepth reviews per episode: What's Alan watching?

There have been a lot of questions specifying a specific scene and asking which song is played. Since I don't know the answer but somebody else might. I've paraphrased the questions here:

1.12: I got a decent recording of the audio, but I can't find the track (even googling the lyrics won't seem to help). Check below (at 1.12) for the lyrics.

2.09: Which song is playing in the SUV when Bodie throws the guns off the bridge in The Wire Season 2 Episode 9 around the 10 minute mark.

3.02: What is the song playing while Kima is in the bar?
3.04: What is the song playing in a car that Bubbles is spying on writing down the license plate number of (about 9 minutes and 50 seconds in the ep)?

Other questions:
1) Anyone know what song Marlo has on in the car?: scene.
2) piece of jazz music when marlo and levy talking in the cocktail party? Just before Marlo went to the street and shouts.

S1 Theme: Blind boys of Alabama – Way down in the hole
S2 Theme: Tom Waits – Way down in the hole (original version)
S3 Theme: The Neville Brothers – Way down in the hole
S4 Theme: DoMaJe– Way down in the hole
S5 Theme: Steve Earl - Way down in the hole

Closing theme, there are 3 slightly different versions!: Blake Leyh - The Fall

s1.01 (episode 1)
D'Angelo in the car
Song: Jay-Z's - IZZO (H.O.V.A.)

1st scene @ Orlando's
Song: Bill Withers - Use Me

D'Angelo arriving at the pit

Bubs cutting copied money

Dealings at the pit
Song: Heavy D feat. 8Ball and Big Pun - On point

McNulty whines to Bunk about his ex-wife
Song: Gram Parsons and Emmylou - The Streets Of Baltimore

Hooker tries to get D'Angelo to buy her a drink
Song: Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper

Bunk waking up at his desk
Song: Chopin: 12 Etudes, Op.10 - No.3 In E "Tristesse" performed by Maurizio Pollini

s1.02 (episode 2)

D'Angelo and Wallace and Poot at the pit

McNulty and Bunk arriving at the pit

Stringer pulls up just as Bunk and Mcnulty are arresting D'angelo (probably the scene I mention above)
Song: Kool Keith - Make up your mind

Song in Avon's truck

D'Angelo and Avon in the community centre
Song: Aaliyah - Got to Give it Up

D'Angelo and Avon on the stairs at the community center
Song: Chic - Good Times

Prez, Herc and Carver drinking beer and arguing about the case
Song: The Guess Who - American woman

McNulty is drinking in his car
Song: Mickey and Silvia - Love is strange

Nighttime dealing in the pit

s1.03 (episode 3)
Wee-Bey and Wallace playing checkers on a chess board.

Kima and McNulty talking about Avon

D'Angelo goes to drop off the cash at the club
Song: Ja Rule - Down ass bitch

Back in the club talking to the stripper
Song: Rufus and Chaka Khan - Tell Me Something Good

Song:  Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock - It takes two

McNulty disturbs Pearlman to ask her about the pagers
Song: Lucinda Williams - 2 kool 2 be 4 gotten

Stinkum at the stash

D'Angelo returning with the food

D'Angelo and Wee-Bey talking about Omar

McNulty in the police station listening to the radio
Song: The Pogues - Dirty Old Town (also check out the version of the Dubliners!)

McNulty in his car waiting for his FBI buddy
Song: The Marvelettes - The hunter gets captured by the game  (we're talking about this scene right?)

s1.04 (episode 4)

Kima studying law with her girlfriend on the couch

In the bar before McNulty goes to Kima's place
Song: Nina Simone's - Sugar in My Bowl

s1.05 (episode 5)
Avon's Radio alarm clock thingy while he gets dressed
Song: Michael Franti and Spearhead - Oh My God (links to accoustic version)

Poot and Wee-Bey talking about aids

Drunk McNulty warbling to himself with his Ikea beds
Song:  Pogues - Star of the County Down 

D'Angelo and girl walk into the fancy restaurant

Avon and Stringer discussing Omar

Stringer and Avon and Bird talking (etc)

D'Angelo talking to Wallace

D'Angelo talking to Orlando and asking the stripper out
Song: Poe - Hey Pretty

McNulty, Kima and Daniels scoping D'Angelo

McNulty asking Prez for his pager
Song: Blue Öyster Cult - Burning for you (not sure!)

s1.06 (episode 6)
D'Angelo looks at his wardrobe
Song: Subtle people - Let's ride

D'Angelo talking to his girl
Song: Positive Black Soul - Respect the Nubians

D'Angelo catching up with girl with groceries


D'Angelo walking around with crew
Song: crunk it up????

Daniels talking to Prez

Bubbles and friends tricking the copper shop

Avon visits the pit in slomo
Song: Lorem Ipsum (or Indigo as youtube commenter A Zaal says!) - Wax Music Box

Lester asking if it cost Daniels at the end
Song: Duke Ellington - Fleurette Africaine

s1.07 (episode 7)

The car chase of Herc and Carver after Stinkum
Song: Sharpshooters - Analyze

Bunk and McNulty in the bar
Song: Loretta Lyne and Conway Twitty - You're the reason our kids are ugly

Daniels at fundraiser

Daniels talking to Damien Price

D'Angelo telling Stringer no one's snitching

s1.08 (episode 8)
McNulty's kids following Stringer
Song: The Tokens - The lion sleeps tonight

Wee-Bey, D'Angelo, Stinkum and Savino driving up into the towers area
Song: Chuck D - No (The Wreck League Massive Remake)

Song in Stinkum's Jeep when Wee-Bey, Stinkum and Savino take D'Angelo into the restaurant
Song: Chuck D - No (The Wreck League Massive Remake)

Wee-Bey, D'Angelo, Stinkum and Savino celebrate Stinkum's promotion.
Song: Glen Campbell - Gentle on my mind

Barksdale telling off Orlando for dealing on the side

D'Angelo at party 

D'Angelo returning to party

Stringer explaining macro economics at the copy shop

Bunk is eyeing up some other woman in the bar.
Song: a cover of Marvin Gaye's Trouble man.

s1.09 (episode 9)
Bubs and friend talking about Bubs stealing drugs


Music which when Omar enters his hide-out

Poot walks up to a corner watching Wallace
Song:  (something with...ain't nothing here / pop pop pop ...? around 25m.40s)

Avon and Stringer being followed after the game
Song: Michael Franti and Spearhead - Rock the Nation

Avon is at his club with Orlando and Wee-Bey 
Song: J-Live - Nights like this

s1.10 (episode 10)
Avon en Stringer in Orlando's

Music playing from Orlando's car
Kool and the gang - Power of the dollar (unable to find it on spotify :( yet)

D'Angelo waiting up Shardeen outside Orlando's

Kima out with her girlfriend
Song: Me'Shell Ndegéocello - Call Me 

Kima approaches her doom
Song: Talib Kwelli and Mos Def (they form Blackstar) - Hater Players

s1.11 (episode 11)
D'Angelo and Wee-Bey talking about Orlando
Song: J-Live - Satisfied

Wee-Bey and D'Angelo go and meet the fishies
Song: Masta Ace ft Strick - Unfriendly game

Kima's gf crying
Song: Nina Simone's - Sugar in My Bowl

s1.12 (episode 12)
Song playing in the dancer's dressing room
Song: **got a decent recording now**
It gives at least the following lyrics: 
Sex money and drugs is the thing

I got a small dream of making lots of cream.
Just for me and my team, lots of cream
Everything in the ghetto ain't always what it seems.

Poot and Wee-Bey talking about Wallace

Bodie walks through the Pit to meet Stringer 
Song: Mos Def ft Diamond D - Hiphop

McNulty and Daniels at Wallace's mother
Song: Angie Stone - No more rain

Wallace's last meal in the diner
Paul Anka - Put Your Head on my Shoulder

s1.13 (episode 13)
Stringer picking Avon up from jail

Arriving at the funeral home

Jazzpiece at Daniels'house

At Stringer's copy shop

Bodie Walks through the pit to confront Onion 
Song: Roots manuva - Witness the fitness

Herc, Carver and Prez at the basement office
Nighthawks - Blind love

Wee-bey on the phone
J-Live - Mcee

Poot Lectures Dealer in the pit about taking the money more discreetly 
Song: Ja Rule - Always on time

Ending montage
Song: Jesse Winchester - Step by Step

s2.01 (episode 14)
McNulty checks on the partyboat
Song:  Irving Berlin - Blue skies

Dragging the boat
Song: instrumental (?)

Wee-Bey and ..  in the bus getting burners
Songs: Kool and The Gang - 99 100 percent

Bodie and Shamrock in the car listening to radio
Song: Akrobatik - Balance

Car still following 
Song: (?)

Van detour - car following
Song: (?)

Bunk and Mcnulty in the bar
Song: (?)

Ziggie and Nick at the bar

Ziggie takes is dick out of his pants
The Nighthawks - Sixteen Tons

Nick and Ziggie waking up
Iggy Pop and The Stooges - Search and destroy (also on The Life Aquatic ost)

Ziggie arriving back in the harbour
Song: The Knack - My Sharona

Frank calls Nick to complain about wanting Sergei to move the "can" off the port
Song:  Brenda Lee - I'm sorry

McNulty checking the shipping location of the body they found
Song: Waylon Jennings - My heroes have always been cowboys

Wee-Bey and others talking about the stash
Song: Sean Paul - Gimme the light

Song on Beady's headphones when she finds the container
Song: (?)

I don't know in which scenes thése play, probably one of the above with a questionmark:

Looking Glass - Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)

Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin - My Minnesota home

s2.02 (episode 15)
Avon eating KFC

McNulty, Bunk and Lester at the bar

McNulty hungover in bed
Song: Lyle Lovett - Goodbye to Carolina

Aretha Franklin - The House That Jack Built

s2.03 (episode 16)
Nick at the barber

Girls talking to Omar

Omar and his boy talking shop and making out
Song: Sean Paul - Get busy

Stringer and in bar

Tillman is putting dope into Halls cough drop wrappers 
Song: Chambers Brothers - So fine 

Stringer comes over at D'Angelo's girl
Song: Chaka Khan - Sweet thing (?)

Bunk, McNulty and Beady in bar
Song: The Band - The great pretender

Frank talking to dock worker in his office
Song: Lesley Gore - It's my party

Song playing in Nick's truck

Inmate scraping drugs together

Ziggy in the bar

Avon reading his book / after the bad package
War - Cisco kid

----I need to put this one in chronological order (need to check)
Scene: Corrupt prison guard driving to jail 
Song: The fiestas - So fine

s2.04 (episode 17)
Ziggie taking pictures at the bar

McNulty putting a note on Omar's burned out van
Song: Velvelettes - He Was Really Saying Something

McNulty driving around before asking for Omar
Song: Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers - I Promise To Remember

McNulty driving around looking for Omar and spots Bubs
Song: Irma Thomas - Ruler Of My Heart  or Norah Jones' version..

Nick and Ziggie talking about chemicals with a 'Greek'

Kima and her girlfriend in the car arguing
Song: The Roots - 100% Dundee

Song playing on walkman while Bubs asks about Omar

Ziggie working at the computer 
Song: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride

Kima, her girlfriend eating at Lt. Daniels
Song: Bach - Brandenburg concertos (probably the 3rd)

Song on McNulty's ex's walkman 

Bunk, Beady and Lester entering bar
Song: Tammy Wynette - Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad

 [maybe one of the above?????]
Song: Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris - Streets of Baltimore

s2.05 (episode 18)
Cheese stops Ziggi
Song: St John - Down with me (prod. Black Toast Music)

Thugs drive off in Ziggi's car

Wee-Bey talking to Poot

Stringer at D's girl

Nick going after Ziggi's money

Beedy and her ex sitting in a lunchroom
Song: Maria Muldaur - Midnight at the Oasis

Herc buying drugs while Kima and Carver are staking out
Song: Akrobatik – The hand that rocks the cradle

s2.06 (episode 19)
Nick meets Eton (the Israeli)

Sergei intimidates Cheese
Song: St John's - The game is over

Song: Tone Loc - wild thing

Sergei meeting up with Prop Joe
Song: The Commodores - Brick house

Nick, Ziggi, Sobotka etc at the bar
Song: Barret Strong - Money (that's what I want)

McNulty and his ex having dinner
Song: (piano)

s2.07 (episode 20)
Beadie is talking with Frank Sobotka at the ports.
Los cubaztecas - Olga
You can listen here or download it here.

Nick and Ziggi at a bar
Song: Diana Ross and The Supremes - Love Child

Kima and Prez outside stripclub

D'Angelo's burial
Song: A capella: Call him up and tell him what you want (just a church community singing)

Nick telling his girlfriend he's got a new job
Song: Zee Asha - Taste of luv
(I did find a 'Zee - Taste of luv' on spotify, not sure if that's the same - need to check)

Bunk and Lester in a bar

s2.08 (episode 21)
McNulty drunk calling home

McNulty drunk driving and crashing his car
Song: Pogues - Transmetropolitan 

McNulty drunk at lunchroom

Ziggie with his duck at the bar
Song: Dion - The wanderer

Nick and Sobotka talking at the bar

McNulty and Beedy at the bar
Song: (piano play)

Wee-Bey staking out the opposition
Song: St John - Gangsta heaven

Wee-Bey with Poot and crew taking over territory

s2.09 (episode 22)
Wee-Bey selling WMD

Ziggi and Johnny at the bar
Song: Mary Wells - You Beat Me To the Punch

Ziggi whiling out over his duck

Brother Mouzone arriving

s2.10 (episode 23)
Prez building the evidence board, Carv/Herc tracking and tracing etc
Song: Johnny Cash - I Walk the Line

Butch at his bar (Omar walks in)

Ziggie stealing cars
Song: Joan Jett - Roadrunner

Ziggi in the car after shooting George the Greek
Song: The Fleshtones - I'm back again

Greek: 'No phones, no more calls' 

s2.11 (episode 24)

The Greek at restaurant
Song: Stelios Kazantzidis - To Psomi tis Xanthias (Bread in a Foreign Land)

Omar's girls arriving at Brother Mouzone's motel

Greeks at the restaurant (again) - Frank Sobotka raging
Stelios Kazantzidis - Efige Efige-- album possibly: Palia Laika
Even have this on the Spotify list, but you'll have to look at:  Έφυγε, έφυγε

s2.12 (episode 25)

WYE Radio Opening.
Song: Maktub - Baby can't wait

Bunk and Beedy asking about security records

Lester, Bunk etc at bar
Song: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Have You Ever Seen the Rain

Episode wrap up
Steve Earle - I Feel Alright

(episode 26)
Mcnulty and .. looking at Cheese
50ct - In da club

Song playing Herc's car chasing around the cornerboys
Song: Shaft theme

Song playing in the car while Cutty talks to the driver
Song: Beef Wellington ft Melissa Mya - Dedication

Bunny driving in the hood passed corners
--hardly worth mentioning this one but still...*unknown song*

s3.02 (episode 27)
Guys building up the dogfight arena in the hangar
Song: George Clinton - Atomic dog

The dogfight
Song: ......

Cheese's dog lost
Song: ......

Song playing in Marlo's car  
Song: Ludacris - Stand Up

McNulty and Bunk in the bar
Song: ....

at 32m:15 when McNulty is talking to D's girl?

s3.03 (episode 28)
.....**need to check...probably 3.2
Song: George Clinton - Atomic Dog

Song: The Pogues - Body of an American

Bunk drunk on the sidewalk
Song: The Pogues - Sally MacLennane

s3.04 (episode 29)

Cutty looking at guys in truck
Song: Ludacris - Splash waterfalls

Bubbles writing down the numberplate
Song: ?

Cutty working in the garden
Song: ?

Carver telling the cornerboys they can sell 
Song: 50centish beat  ***needs checking***

Bubbles talking to Kima, track in Marlo's truck
Song: Biggie Smalls ft DMC - My Downfall 

Track in bar where Carcetti sits

Stringer and Burrel + 2 others in cafe

McNulty and Bunk at bar
Song: Marvin Gaye - Aint no Mountain High Enough

Cutty in houseparty
Song: DJ Technics - My life extra

Woman walking up to and kissing Cutty
Song: DJ Technics - Neva Eva Extra

s3.05 (episode 30)

Avon's homecoming party
Song: Lloyd Banks - On fire

Avon's homecoming party (other song)
Song: Hieroglyphics - Full Circle

Song: War- Me and Baby Brother

s3.06 (episode 31)

Drug Dealers in neighborhood outside of Hamsterdam in beginning of episode
Song: Usher - Confessions Part II

Drug dealing in Hamsterdam
Song: Jay Z - Dirt off your shoulder

Men playing trumps (Omar comes along)
Song: ?

s3.07 (episode 32)
Avon and Slim Charles in the car
LL Cool J - Head Sprung

Bubbles walks through Hamsterdam
Song 1: G$tack (Darkroom Productions)- Goodbye
Song 2: Wu-tang Clan - Gravel pit

Omar at bar paying of his conscience
Song: ?
Sheryl Crow - Are You Strong Enough to Be My Man?

Bernard and his girl in car
Song: Usher - Let it burn

Buying phones again, arguing with his girl over not buying in bulk
Kevin Lyttle - Turn me on

s3.08 (episode 33)
Song: Hank Williams - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (not sure)

Marlo in the club
Song: J-Kwon - Everybody in the Club Gettin Tipsy?

Snoop eating chicken 
Song: Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldier

Scene: Bunny at pool hall
Song: James Brown - Big Payback

s3.09 (episode 34)
Avon's guys staking out Omar on sunday morning
Outkast - I like the way you move

s3.10 (episode 35)

Bubbles Talks to Squeak about selling cellphones
Song: Hush- LL Cool J

Song: Dem Franchise Boyz - In my White Tees

Song: Music Explosion - Little Bit of Soul

s3.11 (episode 36)

s3.12 (episode 37)
Song: Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like It's Hot

Cops are dispatched to Hamsterdam
Song: Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries

End of season wrap up
Song: Solomon Burke – Fast train

SEASON 4 (info from the HBO site and
(episode 38)
Bodie's corner
Song: Dead Meadow - At Her Open Door

Slim Charles in SUV
Song: Bone Thugz-n-Harmony - Handle The Vibe

Outside club with Fruit
Song: Kid Kurrupt - Something Wrong

Fruit gets shot
Song: Elephant Man - Krazy 

Carcetti comes home
Song: The Chi-Lites -(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People

Carcetti's political ad
Song: Blake Leyh - The Patriot Act

Carcetti tours the neighborhood alleys
Song: Black Toast Music - Back Home

On the corner with Kevin and Randy
Song: Mobb Deep - Survival of The Fittest

Craps in the alley
Song: Parliament - Tear The Roof Off The Sucker (Give Up The Funk)

End Titles
Song: Blake Leyh - The Fall (for link see themes)

4.02: (episode 39)
Prez cleans the classroom
Song: Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire

Bodie's corner
Song: Chingy - Ur Uh Freak

Carcetti in police bar
Song: George Jones - White Lightning

Marlo hands out cash on corner
Song: Black Toast Music - Spread The Word (Black toast music site)

Marlo hands out cash on corner
Song: Black Toast Music - Spanish Fly

Donut steals an SUV
Song: Ying Yang Twins - Salt Shaker

Namond comes home
Ohio Players - Love Roller coaster

4.03: (episode 40)
Omar in deli
Song: Sm Town - 2nd Winter (I warn you..this is just ..weird)

Chris and Snoop in SUV
Song: Black Toast Music - Drop From Below

Michael handles junkies
Song: The Diplomats - Crunk Muzik

Omar and Ronaldo in van
Song: Paco - Brinquen Mi Raza

Greggs in store
Song: Alfonso Christian Lover - Can't You See

McNulty at home
Song: The Iguanas - 9 Volt Heart

McNulty at home
Song: The Iguanas - Arrimate

Colvin in hotel room
Song: Max Harris - Cool Stepper

Omar robs store
Song: Macy Gray - Why Didn't You Call Me

Ext funeral home car by
Song: Black Toast Music - Bullet To The Brain

Funeral home organ
Song: Billy Sherwood - Organic

In the car when the backpack is dropped off (4.03 or 4.04 info ep41)
Song: Diablo - Jumpin Like Rope

Re-up car drops drugs (is this 4.03 or 4.04?? info ep41)
Song: DJ Technics - Pumpkin

4.04: (episode 41)
Card game
Song: The Wild Magnolias - Smoke My Peace Pipe

Marlo in drugstore
Song: Super Junior - Oh Nuel Man Eun

Chris pulls up in SUV
Song: G-$tack - Git A Move On

Rim shop
Song: Chamillionaire - Ridin'dirty

Donut drives by
Song: Damian Champ - Jumpin' Like Rope / Diablo - Jumpin Like Rope ?

Re-up car drops drugs (is this 4.03 or 4.04??)
Song: DJ Technics - Pumpkin

Royce's poker game
Song: Jerome Sedeyn - La Marelle

Bunk * Freamon in bar
Song: The Isley Brothers - This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak For You)

Butchie's bar
Song: Deacon John - Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out

Omar robs card game
Song: The Meters - Cissy Strut

Cutty drops off the boys
Song: G$tack - This Is War

Namond's corner (citypaper info says 4.06: episode 44)
Song: Diablo - Jail Flick

Bubbles and Sherrod on the street
Song: Rod Lee - Dance My Pain Away

4.05: (episode 42)
Carcetti at flea market
Song: Clint Eastwood - Another One Bites The Dust

Prez in classroom at lunch time
Song: Chris Brown - Yo (Excuse Me Miss)

Car by outside Andre's store
Song: Black Toast Music - Walkin' The Wild

Chris robs store
Song: Alicia Keys - A Woman's Worth

Freamon and Bunk search sewers
Song: The O'Jays - Backstabbers

Chris and Marlo in SUV
Song: Vybz Kartel ft. Wayne Marshall - New Millenium

4.06: (episode 43)
Song: Church choir - Lead Me Guide Me

Song: Opus1 - Psalm

Carcetti and Clay Davis
Song: Black Toast Jazz - One More Once

Cutty jogs
Song: Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up (Extended Version)

Boys in Donut's SUV
Song: Black Toast - Attention

Omar in store
Song: Rick James - Give it To Me Baby

Namond at home
Song: Angela Johnson - Got To Let It Go

Namond's video game
Song: Blake Leyh - Robots In The Hood

Carcetti victory rally
Song: Opus1 - Three Deuces

Carcetti victory rally
Song: Sister Sledge - We Are Family

Namond's corner (citypaper info says 4.06/ episode 44)
Song: Diablo - Jail Flick

Bubbles and Sherrod on the street (citypaper info says 4.06/ episode 44)
Song: Rod Lee - Dance My Pain Away

4.07: (episode 44)
Namond's corner
Song: Dierks Bentley - Lot of Leavin' Left to Do

Namond's corner (citypaper says 4.04...)
Song: Diablo & Darkroom Productions - Jail Flick (it's in the list)

Sherrod runner in car
Song: Lil' Flip - You'z a Trick

Greggs searches alley
Song: Ray Cash - Bumpin' My Music

Bubbles and Sherrod on street (citypaper says 4.06..)
Song: Rod Lee - Dance My Pain Away

Bunk in Andre's store.  (citypaper info)
Song: Paula Campbell - Won't Love You Back

4.08: (episode 45)
Herc pulls over SUV
Song: Black Toast Music - Get It Done

Forerster's wake
Song: The Pogues - Body of An American

Prop Joe's store
Song: Funkadelic - Thumparella  (apparently by Jimmy G, brother to George Clinton)

Carcetti watches cops work
Song: Outkast - B.O.B.

Bunk in Andre's store 
Song: Paula Campbell - Won't Love You Back

Namond's walkman
Song: Black Toast Music - Hard Time

Marlo's courtyard 
Song: Tyree Colion  Darkroom Productions - Soldierz Story

Bunk in Andre's Store
Song: Angela Johnson - Where's The Love

Daniels and Carcetti meet
Song: Black Toast Jazz - Another Moon

4.09: (episode 46)
Prop Joe and Marlo talk
Song: Chamillionaire - Picture Perfect

Chris and Marlo Talk  
Song: Mullyman and Darkroom Productions - Get Ready (Bodymore Soldiers)

Omar and Renaldo in van
Song: Alexis and Fido - Eso Ehh

Prop Joe's Store
Song: Billy Paul, Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - Don't Leave Me This Way

Michael at Store
Song: Pump Audio - Water

Colvin's car
Song: Billie Holiday - I Cover The Waterfront

Colvin in restaurant
Song: Black Toast Music - Highway 14

Daniels and Pearlman
Song: Alison Krauss and Union Station - Goodbye Is All We Have

Namond plays the car radio
Song: Three 6 Mafia ft Project Pat - Poppin' My Collar

Andre and Slim Charles
Song: DMX - Lord Give Me A Sign

4.10: (episode 47)
Donut steals an SUV 
Song: Dirty Hartz ft Verb - That's Da Sound (it's in the list)

Walker looks for Donut 
Song: Tyree Colion  (Darkroom Productions) - Projects

Omar watches Marlo
Song: G-$tack - Before I Die

Kevin talks to Marlo
Song: Ray Cash - Dope Game (imeem..login to hear full version)

Bubbles in car
Song: William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You've Got

Herc's ringtone
Song: Three 6 Mafia - Stay Fly

Dinner at Colvin's house
Song: Solomon Burke - Got to Get You Off My Mind

Omar and Renaldo on stake out
Song: Khriz and Angel - Ven Bailalo

Bunk and McNulty at restaurant
Song: Joe Cocker - Feelin' Alright (apparently also featured on the 'House' ost)

Bug's dad in convenience store
Song: Clarence Carter - Slip Away

4.11: (episode 48)
Chinese restaurant
Song: The Chaozhou Ensemble - Gong Yan Shi Chun

Walker and boys on street
Song: G-$tack - What You Lookin' At

Omar and Renaldo on stakeout
Song: K'Luba - Carta Del Hijo Preso

Walker comes out of bar
Song: Martha Reeves and The Vandellas - Come and Get These Memories

Carcetti visits office
Song: Men At Work - Land Down under

McNulty and Bodie in restaurant
Song: Anthony Hamilton - Comin' From Where I'm From

Carcetti fundraiser
Song: Opus1 - Music Maker

Omar at Prop Joe's
Song: The Meters - Hey Pocky a-Way

Chris talks to Marlo
Song: Dem Franchize Boys ft Peanut and Charlay - Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It

when the owner's wife drops the bomb on her husband about the affair she had with Malik, that scene takes place right outside the club right in front of Malik and his girlfriend.
Song: ***checking***

4.12: (episode 49)
Omar and Renaldo watch Cheese
Song: Pitbull ft Lil' John - Toma

Kenard and Namond on corner
Song: Diablo (Darkroom Productions) - Round My Hood

Michael and Namond on street
Song: G-$tack - This Is a Raid

Omar in Butchie's Bar
Song: The Wild Magnolias - New Suit

Carcetti Waits
Song: Opus1 - Silent Night

Carcetti Waits
Song: Opus1 - Joy To The World

Carcetti Waits
Song: Opus1 - We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Bunk and McNulty in bar
Song: Raymond Winnfield - Things Could Be Better

Prop Joe gets a call
Song: Funkadelic - In The Cabin of My Uncle Jam

Kimmy sings to guard
Song: Salt-n-Pepa ft Spinderella- Get Up Everybody

4.13: (episode 50)
Landsman in homicide office
Song: Jingle Bell Rock (The HBO site didn't mention who sings/which version they used)

Omar's gang wraps up
Song: Dueto Bertin Y Lalo - Corrido a Santa Adelaida

Dukie sees Michael in bed
Song: Tha Plague - When You See Us  - on the Beyond Hamsterdam OST there's a version from The get 'em mami's ft L Cash

Dukie outside high school 
Song: Sqad Up  - I'm a Baller

Carcetti waits
Song: Opus1 - We Three Kings

Wilson and Parker talk in bar
Song: Al Green - Love and Happiness

Season finale montage
Song: Paul Weller - I Walk on Gilded Splinters

Namond sees Donut in SUV 
Song: Mullyman - The Life, The Hood, The Streetz 

(episode 51)
Marlo's Lair, McNulty Watches
Song: Eric B and Rakim - Eric B Is President

Chris and Michael talk on street
Song: Chamillionaire ft Kelis - Not A Criminal

Guy In Blue Car Buys Drugs On Corner
Song: The Nighthawks - Blind Love (linked to a sample) (free download)

Michael, Dukie, And Bug At Home
Song: Ne-Yo - Because Of You

Mcnulty and Detectives In Bar
Song: Slim Harpo - I'm a King Bee

Herc and Detectives In Bar
Song: Blondie - The Tide Is High

Mcnulty Drinks In A Bar
Song: Ernie K-Doe - Mother-In-Law

Newspaper Staff In Bar
Song: Davis - Do Me That Way

5.02: (episode 52)
Mcnulty In Car, Has A Flat
Song: Boston - More Than a Feeling

Freamon Waits For Marlo
Song: Sarah Vaughan - Black Coffee

Freamon Sings In Car
Song: Erma Franklin - Piece Of My Heart

Freamon Listens To The Radio
Song: Etta James - Don't Cry Baby

Bunk, Freamon, Mcnulty Drink In Bar
Song: Donald Harrison - All My Love

Sc58 Bubbles And Waylon Talk On The Street
Song: Solomon Burke - Cry To Me

5.03 (episode 53)
McNulty buys red ribbon
Song: The Fifth Dimension - Up Up And Away

Greek Diner
Song: Lyra - To Tragoudi Xenitias (song of exile) (version by Grigoris Bithikotsis)

McNulty with woman in bar
Song: ? and The Mysterians - 96 Tears (? = a band/artist)

Scene: Wilsonand Haynes meet in bar
Song: Eddie Houston - Away From Home

Greek Diner
Song: Markos Vamvakaris - Mi Me Pismatonis

Scene: Marlo Meets with Prop Joe
Song: Sterling Silver Starship - Booty Body Ready for the Plush Funk (George Clinton)

Scene:  McNulty and Gutierrez in coffee shop
Song: Salim Nourallah - Don't Be Afraid

Scene Michael and the boys dropped off
Song: Hugh Mundell - Red Gold and Green

Haynes and Twigg in bar
Song: Kermit Ruffins - When I Die (You Better Second Line) (click the album 'Big easy' and listen :) )

Butchie's Bar
Song: Little Junior Parker - Mystery Train

Butchie's back room
Song: Junior Wells (and Mike Bloomfield) - Messin With The Kid

s5.04 (episode 54)
Altercation On Michael's Corner
Song: Ogun Feat. Phathead - What You Know About Baltimore

Prop Joe Visits A Florist
Song: Barbara Lewis - Baby I'm Yours

Omar And Slim Charles
Song: Trouble Funk - Drop The Bomb

McNulty In The Bar
Song: The Clash - Train In Vain

Omar And Donnie
Song: Shortie - Street Legendz

s5.05 (episode 55)
Cutty and Dukie talk at the gym
Song: Sly and The Family Stone - In Time

Mcnulty Meets Journos In Bar
Song: Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (I personally also like the version that Nas did on Stillmatic!)

Omar And Donnie Wait In Car
Song: Joe Tex - Just Out Of Reach (linked Solomon Burke's version)

Marlo's Crew Talk At The Rim Shop
Song: Shop Boyz - Party Like A Rock Star

Omar And Donnie Wait In Car
Song: The Temptations - Just My Imagination (running away with me)

The Mcnulty Boys At Home
Song: Dead Meadow - Beyond The Fields We Know

Omar And Donnie Wait In Car
Song: Smokey Robinson and Miracles - My Girl Has Gone

Omar And Donnie Wait In Car
Song: Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions - Gypsy Woman

S5.06 (episode 56)
Bunk Talks To Randy
Song: Don Ferquan (aka Quan) - Amerikkka's Pie (I can link to his myspace)

Landsman In His Office
Song: Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight

Omar Steals Stash
Song: Nikstylz ft Mullyman - I'm Good There

McNulty Goes For A Drive
Song: The Pogues - Turkish Song Of The Damned

s5.07 (episode 57)
McNulty, Pearlman and Phelan In Diner
Song: Sam Cooke - Shake

Carver Picks Up Michael On His Corner
Song: G.E.M. - The Ooh Ahh Song

Fletcher Meets Bubbles At Soup Kitchen
Song: Zapp and Roger - Dance Floor

Greggs Assembles Ikea
Song: Maya Azucena - Down, Down - Part 1 Part 2

Haynes In Cop Bar
Song: Little Walter - My Babe (not performed by Little Walter, but this guy makes a good alternative)

Omar And Savino In Alley Behind Club
Song: Ground Loop Music - Eurotrash

Haynes And Mello Talk In Bar
Song: The Nighthawks - I Told You So (You Should'a Known Better) (their website)

Greggs Assembles Ikea Again
Song: Erykah Badu - On and On

Michael's Corner Gets An Unexpected Visitor
Song: Bossman - Ayo (his myspace)

s5.08 (episode 58)
Poot and Dukie In Shoe Store
Song: Lady D - Stay

Dozerman and Truck Check Out Rental Car
Song: Parliament - Every Booty (Get On Down)

Kenard and Omar In Corner Store
Song: Choi Suk Jun - Let This As Nothing Happened

Bunk's Ringtone In Crime Lab
Song: Lou Rawls - You'll Never Find A Love Like Mine

Chris and Snoop In Suv
Song: Hurricane Chris - A Bay Bay

Freamon And Davis, Scene 65
Song: Coleman Hawkins - I'm Lookin' Over A Four Leaf Clover

s5.09 (episode 59)
Haynes and Ruby Talk In Coffee Shop
Song: Donald Harrison - Idris Song

Detectives Watch Monk and Cheese
Song: Ghostface ft Trife - Be Easy

Herc and Guys Drink Around Car
Song: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Refugee

Freamon and Clay Davis In Club
Song: Ramsey Lewis trio- The In Crowd

Haynes Meets Wiley At Veterans Hospital
Song: Thin Lizzy - Jail Break

Michael In Cab
Song: Bossman - So Fresh  Bossman's website

Michael and Snoop In Suv
Song: T Pain ft Akon - Bartender

s5.10 (episode 60)
Freamon and McNulty In Empty Bar
Song: Liz Carroll - The Green Mountain

McNulty Plays a Game With The Kids at Home
Song: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss - Rich Woman

Bubbles Brings Crabs Up For Rae
Song: Lafayette Gilchrist - Assume The Position

Wake In Bar
Song: Joe Shannon and John McGreevy - The Bucks Of Oranmore

Wake In Bar
Song: The Pogues - The Body Of An American

Exit Bar, Greggs Talks To McNulty and Freamon
Song: The Pogues - The Broad Majestic Shannon

Michael Sticks Up Rim Shop
Song: David Banner - K.O.

:1) G-$tack - Wiglle it jiggle it
:2)maybe the other one you can hear 

Song: The Blind Boys Of Alabama - Way Down In The Hole (see themes, way up)