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Veronica Guerin OST (finally!)

Veronica Guerin OST

It took a damn while ..guess real life tries to take too much time sometimes. I’ll try and update more regularly. Most nrs on this cd can’t really be called songs, cause there’s no singing, just music so they’ll be called tracks.

1 Sinead O’Connor: One more day
She uses her strong voice as always in a way so that you can almost see, feel and touch Ireland. The song tells that there will always be one more day. It gives hope.

2 Dublin 1996: the year when the whole thing happened. The track has a bit of a sinister sound to it, something’s gonna happen and it isn’t a good thing.

3 Driving
This one could have been a song of an Irish folklore dancing group. It really has a happy spark to it making you want to dance around like a folk dancer. It ends as quick as it begins, just like the happy moments in the movie.

4: Preparations
It starts off with dark almost industrial sounds which swell louder and louder until a quick beat comes in and with it the track fades.

5: The killing
A sad sounding track. It’s hard to describe but you just feel it’s about someone’s death. A lingering sad sound (sounds like a violin and a flute ..but I guess I’ve missed out on music classes in my younger years :S ) which in the end slowly fades.
Reference to the movie: Veronica get’s killed.

6 Research
A busy track. It sounds a bit like ‘Driving’ but with more sounds in it. And very very short.

7 Traynor lies
Really emotional sounds with quite an up tempo beat to it which tells there is something that has happened or is going to happen and like most things in the movie, those things aren’t good.

8 The beating
The music makes it sound like a terrible thing has happened..(the tinkling) but it ended alright, she survived.
Reference to the movie: Guess who gets it.

9 Conversations
Drama. That’s the best word for the beginning of this track. Suddenly it opens up into a bit of folk/ Clannad style music fastening the pace.
Like more of the tracks on this cd, it ends very suddenly.

Reference to the movie: In the movie Veronica had difficult conversations with her husband about her dangerous work especially after the attacks on her.

10 First warning
Damn..the first sound of this track made me jump off my chair, that’s a warning!
A short track with sinister sounds.

Reference to the movie: Veronica get’s a ‘warning’ that she shouldn’t stick her nose where it doesn’t belong (according to the criminals of course).

11 Brian O’Donnel: Bad news
A young boy sings this one. And not to suck up to myself, but my English is quite good but I had a hard time following what he sung half of the time. The first part is sung acapella very very beautiful. The music gets stronger and stronger but without sounding so loud that you can’t hear the kid singing. After 3 minutes the singing stops and emotional sounds take over.

12 Second warning
A bit of the same start off as the first warning but I guess I was more prepared. A drama which also ends well even though Veronica survives barely (for now).

13 Deceit
Dark industrial sounds which creep up your skin. Like walking alone in a dark place where danger’s lurking and happening without you knowing.. yet.

14 Never show your fear.
It opens with almost happy twinkling sounds. I think the composer of the OST looked for a track which could describe the braveness of Veronica which ends sad.

Reference to the movie: Veronica’s scared as hell but she never shows it to her enemies and continues the fight even though she’s been threatened and beaten.

15 Sinead O’Connor : The funeral
This is how it ends. The criminal mastermind is behind bars, but Veronica gets killed for it nonetheless. A simple hit and run. It gives the end an almost ‘acquiescent’ sound, it would have ended this way anyhow.

Oversight: The soundtrack gives a good sound to the movie. There are a lot of dark moments in the movie with only short bursts of happiness (Driving, Research). There are only a couple of tracks in which song takes a place. Both Sinead O’Connor tracks and the Brian O’Donnel’s ‘Bad news’ . The music makes you feel like you were there, right in Ireland following the story step by step until the sad ending.

Other music you might like if you liked this OST:
- some Nelly Furtado (yes some of her songs on Whoa Nelly and Folklore have a like sound).
- Sinead O’Connor (what’s there not to like!!)
- Riverdance
- Irish folk music
- Clannad (and alike).


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Anonymous said...

One of the most beautiful soundtracks ever.
Living in the Antipodes it's always a little difficult to get things like this but I WILL keep trying.
My best to you and yours....Alan