Monday, June 23, 2008

European Championship 'soundtrack'

Overhere they used Sina's 'Wänn nit jetzt wänn dä' as a kind of soundtrack to the European football analysis' after the games at the program 'Studio sportzomer'.

It took a while (till after the Dutch got kicked out of the tourney) to find out how this track was called and by whom it was sung.
I like it very much, cause it has this sensual summer feeling to it. It sounds a líttle bit sad, but still it lightens my spirit. Does anyone know which language it is in? Cause it lóoks like German, it sounds almost Frysian (language cq dialect from overhere) but I guess it's a Swiss or German dialect..or...Reto-Romanic..don't know anything about that language..

The official track for the EC 2008 was this one though:
One night only - Just for tonight

Has a real emotional 'this is the big important match' feeling to it. I like it.
As for the whole feeling for this championship Switzerland and Austria did a great job. I liked the mascottes, the music and the enormous amount of football crazed emotional people.

I just feel a bit sad that we're not in the tourney anymore...