Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Ha! It's called Soundtracks of whatever overhere so I'm allowed to post this as being the un-official soundtrack for Ikea (next to that I'm allowed to post anything..cause it's my blog).

Jonathan Coultron - Ikea

Like I said it's unofficial, but who cares. It describes every stereotypical concept anyone can have about Ikea in a damn funny way without being too mean about it. It's got a very very catchy rocktune to it so it will stick with you for a while. I'll be going to Ikea again soon (omg they're gonna make the one in my home town the 2nd biggest in Europe!).

I never heard of this guy, but checking out his site I found many many more brilliant songs (e.g. 'Re your brains' and 'Todd the T1000'.) Check them out and when you find a lost $ download them or donate a bit when you rip some of his music. He's even got the lyric and guitar tab info.