Monday, September 08, 2008

True Blood {main theme}

Jace Everett - Bad things

When I first came across the True blood website I didn't really know it was a viral site for the tv-serie True Blood (cause I didn't hear about that one yet).
I've seen the first two episodes now and I think I'm hooked. That put aside, this is a soundtrack/score review site :)
They couldn't have picked a better song for True Blood. The town where it's set is put on screen as a (no offence!) hillbilly town and you meet Sookie who can read peoples' thoughts, and that isn't always a good thing. She can hear everybody's true 'feelings' and so 'hears' when people want to do 'bad things' to her ;) This song fits the town and the things that Sookie experiences. But when a vampire comes into town, she finds out she can't read him..we'll have to see if that's a bad thing. All in all a good tune.