Thursday, November 13, 2008

Porno Soundtracks vol. 1

This one should result in interesting google search findings. But that's just what it's called and that's what it is.
Porno Soundtracks by The Forbidden ensemble (link to the cover might not be 100% safe for work, although there's no real nudity)

Over at they explain it very briefly:
They let three musicians, The forbidden ensemble, watch 70s porn (oh sorry, adult movies) and turn of the sound and see what music they come up with.

Scrolling through the tons of soundtracks I had lying around, this one of course sprang in sight and I really didn't know what to expect (not having seen the website). So I just played everything. First off, there's no moaning or sighing mixed through, so listening ís safe for work, although it might get your hormones pumping.

This 'cd' could be divided into three sets of music: slow sensual tracks, medium tempo tracks and fast tempo 'action' tracks.

The slow sensual tracks like This way please and This is it really set a mood, especially the organ music part of This way please almost gives off a sensual steam. In a track like We have to take some measurements first you almost hear sweat dripping (..I should write soft porn novels or something..).

The medium tempo tracks almost sound like a lead to the action. A track like Of course, this way madam. I want to show you the bathroom first makes you imagine someone coming in to buy a house and you know things will end up differently.

Finally the fast tempo tracks like Please come in, I want to have the master bedroom decorated first and My assistent will take notes sound like the action packed part of the whole set. I divided the music in 3 sets just to make reviewing it a bit more simple, there's no 'slow-medium-fast' order in the tracks though!

The music's pure instrumental but it would make perfect sense as background music for soft porn. I'm not a musician myself but I think the Forbidden ensemble has done a great job making this of this piece of porn for the ears.

Last but not least the titles sound like they are all (I'm pretty damn sure) actual spoken lines from (70s) porn. Which reminded me of a short kind of interlude in Xzibit's Hit & Run II

1 Sonny darling, I'm taking a shower
2 Goodmorning ma'am
3 Please come in
4 This way please
5 I want to have the master bedroom decorated first
6 This is it
7 Oh certainly madam, of course
8 We have to take some measurements first
9 My assistent will take notes
10 Of course, this way madam
11 I prefer a female opinion on the new color

Now tell me in all honesty that you can't imagine 70s porn while reading this tracklist *no?'re lying!*. You can listen & download it for free at the site linked earlier! It's actually prett good music to work or study by so what are you waiting for.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Merlin (2008) theme

I started watching this after I saw the title pop-up at the CAT tv download calender and I've been pleasantly surprised.

I thought, let's give it a chance and it turned out to be quite a cool tv-series. A friend of mine told me the only thing that's a bit strange is the 'token' black girl Guin(evere) and her dad. I like her (and her dad) as actors in Merlin, but I agree that they are a bit out of place in this story.

About the theme itself: from the first sound on it speaks of lore and epic adventures. A time of knights, romance, wizards and dragons. Without exagurating too much, it's a great theme for Merlin giving your ears a sneakpeak of the series.