Thursday, May 15, 2008

Juno OST

Juno OST

All I want is you A typical 'we belong together' - 'I'm the X to your Y' love song, country style.

After the first track Kimya Dawson picks up and because she is good for 7 (2 partly) of the 19 tracks on the soundtrack, I'll group her songs together.

The lyrics of Tire swing 'Joey never met a bike that he didn't want to ride, I never met a Toby I didn't like' made me laugh. I don't know if 'a Toby' also has such a double meaning as 'a bike' but it's funny nonetheless. Next to being funny I like the multiple voices joining in end dropping out eventually ending up in a canon.

Loose lips also cracked me up with lines like 'We won't stop untill somebody calls the cops, and even then we'll start again and just pretend that nothing ever happened'. I just love funny songs and the fast pace in this track is cool too, but Kimya sometimes almost stumbles through the lyrics and with the others joining in it sometimes sounds like a fast birthday song sung by a random group of people.

So nice so smart and Tree hugger both fall in the funny category. You should really check out the video that was made for Tree hugger.

Anyone else but you by the Moldy Peaches (half of which is Kimya) it's the same song as the last track. The Moldy peaches just give a strange funny sound to it.

Rollercoaster is not a real song but it's singing a song without lyrics..just 'tududududududu-ing' to the music, can't count the times I do this.
Sleep is a short sleepingtune being hummed. Too short to say anything really useful.

In the tracks that are actually sung by Kimya, her singing sometimes sounds a bit false, but in a strange way it fits the songs.

The Kinks' A well respected man has the 60s feeling that fits the movie. The movie is 'set' in the present but Juno gives a 60s swing to it. I didn't know The Kinks, but I'm going to play this track a lot more often.

Buddy Holly's Dearest is a bit too mushy for my taste. It just drips with being in love, especially the 'uhmmmya' part. Superstar and Sea of love also belong in this (although a bit less dripping) category of mushy love songs.

Up the spout composed by Mateo Messina (also the composer of the score) has the same sound as the tracks by Kimya Dawson which isn't surprising because he also based the score on her music.

The tracks from Belle and Sebastian Piazza, New York catcher and Expectations are both very relaxt songs, but try to explain the crazy lyrics from the Piazza song to me..they're just plain crazy.

All the young dudes was written by David Bowie and it sounds like a Bowie track (say 'Life on mars'). I like it.

I'm sticking with you (cause I'm made out of glue) is a simple but brilliantly funny love song.

Vampire another funny song by Antsy Pantsy.

Anyone else but you by Michael Cera and Ellen page is the closing song to this soundtrack and to the movie is a nice sweet duet from the main characters in the movie.

Listening to this soundtrack makes you want to listen to it again. It sometimes is sugarry sweet, but that's survivable. Next to that you should also listen to the lyrics really well, I like funny tracks and some of the tracks are definitely funny. I looked up some information about Kimya Dawson which says she makes so called 'anti-folk' music, which makes fun of too serious music, and of itself. I think this is thé reason they choose so many of her songs because Juno has this same attitude for the biggest part of the movie 'seriously' joking around about the whole adoption.


01 Barry Louis Polisar: "All I Want Is You"
02 Kimya Dawson: "Rollercoaster (Juno Film Version)"
03 The Kinks: "A Well Respected Man"
04 Buddy Holly: "Dearest"
05 Mateo Messina: "Up the Spout"
06 Kimya Dawson: "Tire Swing"
07 Belle & Sebastian: "Piazza, New York Catcher"
08 Kimya Dawson: "Loose Lips"
09 Sonic Youth: "Superstar"
10 Kimya Dawson: "Sleep (Instrumental)"
11 Belle & Sebastian: "Expectations"
12 Mott the Hoople: "All the Young Dudes"
13 Kimya Dawson: "So Nice So Smart"
14 Cat Power: "Sea of Love"
15 Kimya Dawson and Antsy Pants: "Tree Hugger" (brilliant video made for it by hanllyproductions
16 Velvet Underground: "I'm Sticking With You"
17 The Moldy Peaches: "Anyone Else but You"
18 Antsy Pants: "Vampire"
19 Ellen Page and Michael Cera: "Anyone Else but You"

I was pleasantly surprised I could find ALL of the tracks listed.

*Recommended by Lee from 'Quit your day job'.


Lee said...

There's a great story about how the director asked what music that Juno would listen to and the writer said instantly the Moldy Peaches. Which is why Kimya features so heavily featured on the soundtrack.

Glad you liked it. Your care package from Australia should arrive sometime this week (maybe early next week depending on airmail), but it has now been sent!

Arjan said...

The writer was dead-on about the music I think.

Looking forward to receiving the package :)

Mona said...

arjan, i heart the movie juno and its soundtrack. fun page! i'm obsessed with soundtracks. that's how i find most of my music. thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. hope you come visit again!

Arjan said...

The movie was a positive surprise!
Soundtracks are one of my main new music sources too.
And thanks to Lee (quit your day job) I've got a summer full of finding new music.
I'll certainly visit again.

R2K said...

Good review... I have to admit I am slow to like (as in I generally dont like) the "hipster" music typical of the moldy peaches and all the other "80s retro cool to be ironic, ironic to be cool, sassy T shirt and sneakers with tight assed pants, williamsburg and L train" bands out there.

No offence really, but I live with these people all the time and of all the fads I have seen (from new wave on), this one is the most annoying and the music is falling short of the mark to me.

I mean just go back and listen to music from 93 - 95 for example.

Anyway great film, I am distant friends with an actor from this film so it is good to see them do so well.

Arjan said...

which kind of music from 93-95, hipster? or other?
Cause 93-95 was mostly house music that had the charts filled overhere.
From 2-unlimited (nothing like the rain etc), 2 brothers on the 4th floor. That kind of stuff.

R2K said...

Heh... 93-95 I mean "grunge" and "alternative", but really just rock and roll from that era.