Thursday, December 11, 2008

The IT-Crowd theme

I've been following this tv-series for quite some time now (their already half-way season 3) but I stepped in at the end of S2.

For info about the tv-serie check the imdb link. But it's basically about the IT department in a big company which sells...well no one knows. After a while they get reinforced by Jen who's hired to manage them. It has a bunch of nerd-stereotypes but in a funny way (no revenge of the nerds humour(somebody tell me which is the English/US spelling!).

Neil Hannon - The It-crowd theme

It's a very simple tune in a good way. It sounds like it has to do with technology and fits the vid perfectly. It's hard to compare with anything but the way they repeat parts of the tune during an episode is almost alike to how they use the shot of the stargate base (SG1) on earth again and again as a moment of coming back to the main story. Brilliantly simple. Adding to this the recognizable error sounds..(and images) makes it one of the best instrumental tunes tv tunes of this moment.


Sean O'Hagan said...

Hi, I'm in the middle of Season 2. I was searching for the name of a song played in Episode 4 and stumbled upon your blog. ("humour" is British, Canadian, etc..) I think the main theme is great too. Cheers!

R2K said...

Haha nice.

kerry said...

I LOVE the IT crowd. I'm a team leader for a systems administration team and I'm tempted to make it a compulsory part of their training.

We're only a semi-techie team but the amount of times I've had to say "have you tried turning it off and back on again"...

Arjan said...

@ Sean: hmm I don't know..might check but don't wait a busy month :(
My English is composed of the 'Oxford English' we were taught at school, but it mingled with everything from across the globe..

@ R2K: indeed.
@ Kerry: and so it should be! You should make you're own answering machine just like Brian's haha

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roger said...

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