Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Wire tracks update 11-11-07

UPDATE 11-11-2007
Added youtube links to a lot of stuff. Just comment in the latest post if a link failes or is removed from youtube, I'll search again :)

I'll also add the season and episode info in brackets (eg: S1e01 etc).

S1 Theme: Blind boys of Alabama – Way down in the hole
S2 Theme: Tom Waits – Way down in the hole (original version)
S3 Theme: The Neville Brothers – Way down in the hole
S4 Theme: DoMaJe– Way down in the hole

New info (a lot of stuff from the site below):

Masta Ace ft Strick - Unfriendly game
The Fleshtones (mentioned on the site below..but without tracktitles).
Blake Leyh - The Fall (Closing theme, there are 3 slightly different versions!)

Jay-Z's - IZZO (H.O.V.A.) (s1e01)
Mickey & Silvia - Love is strange (s1e02
Guess Who - American woman (s1e02)
Lucinda Williams - 2 kool 2 be 4 gotten (s1e03)
Ja Rule - Down ass bitch (s1e03)(the link is the censored version)
Nina Simone's - Sugar in My Bowl (s1e04)
Duke Ellington - Fleurette Africaine -> Album: Money Jungle (s1e06)
Cytoplastik - Wax Music Box (s1e06)
The Tokens - The lion sleeps tonight (s1e08)
Michael Franti and Spearhead - Rock the Nation -->Album: Stay Human (s1e09)
Paul Anka - Put Your Head on my Shoulder (s1e13)
Jesse Winchester - Step by Step -->Album: Let the Rough Side Drag (s1e13)

Looking Glass - Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) (s2)
The Nighthawks - Sixteen Tons (s2e01)
The Stooges & Iggy Pop- search and destroy --> album: Raw power (s2e01)
Meryl Streep & Lily Tomlin - A Prairie Home Companion (s2e01) - not sure if this is the right version
Aretha Franklin - The House That Jack Built (s2e02)
Lyle Lovett - Goodbye to Carolina -->album:I Love Everybody (s2e02)
Velvelettes - He Was Really Saying Something (s2e04)
Frankie Lymon - I Promise To Remember (s2e04)
Irma Thomas - Ruler Of My Heart (s2e04)
Gram Parsons - Streets of Baltimore (s2e04)
Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride (s2e04)
Tammy Wynette - Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad (s2e04)
Akrobatik – The hand that rocks the cradle --> album: Balance(undertow (s2e05)
Maria Muldaur - Midnight at the Oasis (s2e05)
Diana Ross & The Supremes - Love Child (s2e07)
Pogues - Transmetropolitan --> Album: Red roses for me (s2e08)
Mary Wells - You Beat Me To the Punch (s2e09)
Johnny Cash - I Walk the Line (s2e10)
Joan Jett - Roadrunner (s2e10)
Stelios Kazantzidis - To Psomi tis Xanthias (Bread in a Foreign Land) (s2e11)
Stelios Kazantzidis - Efige Efige--> album possibly: Palia Laika (s2e11)
Stelios Kazantzidis - Efige Efige
Steve Earle - I Feel Alright (s2e12)
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Have You Ever Seen the Rain -->album: The Hit List (s2e13)

Season 3
An updated Shaft Theme (s3e01)
Ludacris - Stand Up (s3e02)
George Clinton - Atomic Dog (s3e02)
The Pogues - Body of an American (s3e03)
Shane McGowan - Sally MacLennane (s3e03) (Might be it..
DJ Technics - In My Life (s3e03)
Biggie Smalls - My Downfall -->Album: Life After Death (s3e04)
Ludacris - Splash waterfalls (s3e04)
War- Me and Baby Brother (s3e05)
Sheryl Crow - Are You Strong Enough to Be My Man? (s3e07)
LL Cool J - Head Sprung (s3e07)
Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldiers (s3e08)
Hank Williams - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (not sure) (s3e08)
J-Kwon - Everybody in the Club Gettin Tipsy? (s3e08)
some Outkast according to a poster on the HBO BB (s3e08)
Dem Franchise Boyz - In my White Tees (s3e10)
Music Explosion - Little Bit of Soul (s3e10)
Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like It's Hot (s3e12)
Solomon Burke – Fast train --> album: Don't give up on me(s3e12)

Also check out this website with:
Major thanks goes out to a fan called Jeremiah (giving credit where credit is due ;).

This site has got a lot of track info for every episode of all 3 seasons that exist at the moment.

Updated everything from the site (also linked it in the sidebar) incl updates to the stuff I already had. I'll check the HBO forums and will update any and all info given to me (usefull info of course ;) )

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


'Normal music'
It's VERY hard for me to take a #1 so I'll make a list of cd's I like without things having to be in a particular order.

Nas - Illmatic (good oldskool rap)

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory (hard music :D)

Manau - Panique Celtique (French band: most people only know La tribu de dana. but I like all their songs).

Nirvana - Nevermind (probably will still be listening when I'm 80)

Eminem - Slim Shady LP (funny and still raw)

Spinvis - Smalfilm (you'd probably have to know Dutch to find it attactive..very very weird lyrics in a poetic way on a sound of whatever sound the guy could find).

Dr Dre - The Chronic 2001 (still Dre. Great tracks, funny and sometimes disturbing skits..don't turn up the volume right before Pauze 4 Porn or your mother/gf or other people will give you a strange look ;) )

Live - The distance to here (Have seen Live, Live and they ROCK!)

Silverchair - Frogstomp (emo-rock..sue me! But also a bit harder now and then)

Evanescence - Fallen (hard gothic-ish rock..I like it.

Just 2 other bands that I just MUST mention: Corvus Corax, Within Temptation.

So that would be my 10 normal favourites although I could spam on.
Oldies that I like: Dire Straits (can't remember their cd title), Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marly, Kate Bush, Simon & Garfunkel, The Dubliners (sue me again) etc.