Sunday, December 04, 2011

Tv serie tunes

Some great tunes of tv series I watch (or have watched this year)

Brian Jonestown Massacre - Straight Up And Down
Just sounds like someone's breaking the law and having fun doing it.
Some found it a strange choice for theme song of BE, I don't.

The tune on the end of Boardwalk Empire s01e12 (I think)
Life's a funny proposition
Check the vid on youtube for lyrics if you want. Really gives a feel for the time, but it does sound a bit...weird.

Game of thrones intro
Just epic.

The Walking Dead tune by Bear McCreary
It just whispers this eerie atmosphere. It creeps me out


Lee said...

Bear McCreary does the soundtrack to The Walking Dead, same guy who did the Battlestar Galactica soundtracks. I assume it was he who did the opening tune then.

Arjan said...

That's an awesome first name btw. There used to be a radio program here where they'd play all kinds of eerie sound compilations..this reminded me a bit of it.

Arjan said...

sorry for that comment spam, blogger acted up and I f5ed the hell out of it.