Thursday, July 05, 2012

Snowwhite and the Huntsman OST

Saw this last week. If you don't look at the obvious holes in the plot (one day Snowwhite can barely defend herself, the next she basicaly leads an army and runs up the stairs of a stone tower in full body armour a sword and a shield fighting like the best of them) which you should (!) it is a pretty cool movie with an awesome soundtrack.

James Newton Howard has been a busy man this year, having also created the soundtrack for Hunger games, but I haven't seen the movie (nor listened to that soundtrack) yet. I could write up an long story about how much I like each track, but it's a good variation of eerie, creepy, tension etc :) Just give it a listen.
I'd have liked it if they would've added/recorded more of the songs from the movie on the soundtrack (the dwarf songs for instance).
The tracklisting with youtube links is below, but here's a Spotify list too: Snow White & The Huntsman

1 James Newton Howard - Snow White

2. James Newton Howard - I'll Take Your Throne

3. James Newton Howard - Tower Prayers

4. James Newton Howard - Something For What Ails You

5. James Newton Howard - Escape From The Tower

6. James Newton Howard - You Failed Me, Finn

7. James Newton Howard - White Horse

8. James Newton Howard - Journey To Fenland

9. James Newton Howard - Fenland In Flames

10. James Newton Howard - Sanctuary

11. James Newton Howard - White Hart

12. Ionna Gika - Gone
Cool how they let if flow over from the movie scene into the song itself. She's got a great voice too.

13. James Newton Howard - I Remember That Trick

14. James Newton Howard - Death Favors No Man

15. James Newton Howard - Warriors On The Beach

16. James Newton Howard - You Can Not Defeat Me

17. You Can't Have My Heart

18. Coronation

19 Florence and the machine - Breath of life
Embedded this one because it has such an awesome video with clips from the movie.
They make it sound really epic, maybe even a bit more epic than the movie itself.

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