Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weeds Spotify lists

*updated playlists on the 22nd of September 2012
The list is far from complete since a lot of tracks can't be found in Spotify (yet). But I feel they're still worth sharing:

Weeds Season 1 tracks

Weeds Season 2 tracks

Weeds Season 3 tracks

Weeds Season 4 tracks

Weeds Season 5 tracks

Weeds Season 6 tracks

Weeds Season 7 tracks  (Updated 22nd of September 2012) help me add more tracks.

Weeds Season 8 tracks  (Created 22nd of September 2012)

I've also compiled them all in one list so you can choose:
Weeds all tracks  

Also check out the spotify playlist for The Wire (check The Wire post link in the sidebar).
Showtime itself has an oversight and a lot of playable music Some music they've got playable isn't on my lists, but there are also tracks on the spotify lists that aren't playable on the Showtime site.

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Anonymous said...

I Watch Weeds Episodes with my family. This is nice, great, amazing and smart show. And I like the show.