Thursday, July 20, 2006

Updated and upcoming

I decided to review the soundtracks which I posted about. So check the posts again (there aren't that many: weeds, lost, the wire).

Upcoming: Veronica Mars, Casshern (Japanese flick) and Godzilla and one of the Matrix OST's. But that might take a couple of days, because I don't want to flood my blog with too many posts. It's just that I've listened to these lately or that I have them in my possesion.


The Angelus Sanctus said...

New Blog huh? :P


Arjan said...


Just decided spontaniously to start this blog. And after thinking about it shortly it got a bit expanded.

If nobody reads it, well it's just a nice way for me to keep track of stuff ;)

R2K said...

I love it!

How about some sountracks such as: The Royal Tenenbaums or Veronica Guerin?

R2K said...

Also (sorry double post again) I would love to maybe see your top 10 list of albums?

Arjan said...

I'll work on stuff after the weekend :D

R2K said...

Cool, I had a list but I delted it. I like rock and roll so my list was something like this:

Nebraska (springsteen)
Harvest Moon
After the gold rush
Comes a Time (All neil young)
Astral weeks (Van Morrison)
Graceland (Paul Simon)
Brothers in arms (Dire Straights)

And a few others!

R2K said...

Im ossry it took so long, but I have added links to this page from my flagship blog network.

Arjan said...

no problem and thanks :D
I'll update a list of 'favourites' although it's kinda hard picking a #1.

With soundtracks it's almost impossible to make a actual list as I don't have that many soundtracks. I think about 10 in total.