Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Soundtracks of whatever

After spitting through dozens of posts on a HBO The Wire forum I grew tired.
Nobody took the time to make a post to make a tracklisting of everything that was mentioned in the endless posts about music in The Wire.

The Wire doesn't have an official soundtrack (as far as I can find..and I did search).
As I've been a kind of a Tv series addict and I've been downloading (sorry..but I don't got enough money on me to buy every soundtrack I like for 22 euro's a piece!).
So I've been trying to round up tracklistings of soundtrack music to whatever series I like (that is..which I have seen!)

This is a welcoming post. I will make some other posts with tracklistings of different tv series. For The Wire there will be updates when I come across new info.

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