Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Ha! It's called Soundtracks of whatever overhere so I'm allowed to post this as being the un-official soundtrack for Ikea (next to that I'm allowed to post anything..cause it's my blog).

Jonathan Coultron - Ikea

Like I said it's unofficial, but who cares. It describes every stereotypical concept anyone can have about Ikea in a damn funny way without being too mean about it. It's got a very very catchy rocktune to it so it will stick with you for a while. I'll be going to Ikea again soon (omg they're gonna make the one in my home town the 2nd biggest in Europe!).

I never heard of this guy, but checking out his site I found many many more brilliant songs (e.g. 'Re your brains' and 'Todd the T1000'.) Check them out and when you find a lost $ download them or donate a bit when you rip some of his music. He's even got the lyric and guitar tab info.


Jeff said...

heh... I love this tune. Any time anyone says "Ikea" or "Norsemen" (which happens way more often than you'd expect) I can't help but hear this song.

He does have some great others as well. There's a song about Tom Cruise that's pretty funny.

Jeff said...

You know, it just occurred to me I've never blogged on this song... I'm gonna have to fix that. Thanks for the reminder.

Arjan said...

hmm the word Norsemen didn't pop up when I had a breakfast at Ikea's this morning, but no it doesn't sound too strange.

haha yes, the Tom Cruise one's cool. I also like Skullcrusher mountain a lot.

Pyzahn said...

Kind Sir....you were the first international "comment poster" to my blog. Thanks for the visit. Could you ask the nice folks at Ikea to build a store in St. Louis? I'm thinking they don't want to come to the flatlands.

Arjan said...

Dear pyzahn,
happy to oblige ;)

I'll try and ask em.

Somehow they seem to be too busy to make the Ikea in Groningen the 2nd biggest in Europe (the one in Stockholm's bigger). And Groningen isn't that big *180 000 inhabitants*. Don't ask me why it should be any bigger, I get lost there already.

Arkonbey said...

I only recently discovered Mr. Coulton. Rather dig him. My dad listened to Chiron Beta Prime and wonders why no sci-fi people ever name anything "Theta Secondary"

I've actually never been to an Ikea store. The closest one is only two hours away, but it's in another country (Monereal, Quebec, Canada).

Lot of border-waiting just to buy a bookshelf ;)

Arkonbey said...

a bookshelf named Billy

Arjan said...

or you could make it a 'day abroad' haha.

Hmm secondaries let alone tertiaries or whatever seem nowhere to be found.
Hmm I got to update soon..been a bit busy helping a friend with his new appartment.

Erwin said...


Arjan said...

working on one..(afro samurai II) but just haven't been home all that much. I'll try and get it up asap.
The other blog will be updated too..but Gerrard didn't have my cam with him yesterday so that's gonna have to wait for a bit.

Arkonbey said...

had to come back and listen to this again. Good song, but I think he should change one of the lyrics.

he says: "everyone has a home"

Soooooo not true. Especially lately.

He could say "everyone should have a home" and it wouldn't bust the meter up at all.

Arkonbey, out.

Arjan said...

I saw a short docu about Japanese people in Tokio who live in cubicles (for around 500$ a month!) because they can't afford anything else and it's the last step before having to live on the streets. Really saddening.

R2K said...

Haha this is nice : )

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