Thursday, December 06, 2007

Favorite tv series

I copied this post from Quit your day job and he in turn copied it from Becca at no smoking in the skull cave

Post a list of 10-20 TV shows you love (current or cancelled)
Have your friends list guess your favourite character from each show
When guessed bold the line and write a little bit about why you like that character
Post in your own blog. (if you want)

1 The Wire
2 Oz: Tobias Beecher guessed by Lee
3 Dexter : Dexter (Morgan) guessed by MC
4 Weeds
5 Lost: Locke guessed by MC
6 Jericho
7 Daybreak: Brett Hopper guessed by MC
8 Veronica Mars: Wallace guessed by MC (although Kirsten Bell is DAMN hot!!!)
9 The Simpsons
10 Heroes: Hiro guessed by Lee
11 Stargate sg1 : Jackson guessed by Lee (tough call though)
12 Stargate Atlantis
13 Californication: Hank's really cool, but Dani takes the hot spot-guessed by Lee
14 Super Natural
15 Eureka: Fargo guessed by Lee (I still need to see the 2nd half of S2, but it still rocks)
16 The Pretender: Jarod guessed by Lee (at home me and my brother/parents just called the show Jarod)
17 Futurama: Bender guessed by Lee
18 Brimstone
19 Avatar
20 Transformers *the 80s version..watched it to death..*
21 Prison Break *no matter how bad they keep delaying..I want to know the end!!*
--> T-bag guessed by MC

Robot Chicken should be in the best tv-series list, but it's too hard to pick a 'best character'. Although maybe the chicken itself could be choice :)

While making this list, I found out how incredibly difficult it is to really rank them. Some are on a league of their own, but some shouldn't really be ranked at any bottom of a list.

Updating as soon as a character is guessed.


Lee (I don't like how blogger does this now) said...

Mmmmmmmm a lot of these are obviously going to be guesses.

2. Tobias Beecher - I always liked his story and growth - my second guess would have been Luke Perry - what a great series btw!

5. Sawyer
8. Veronica
9. Homer
10. Hiro
11. Jackson
12. Ronon
13. I already know this one lol
15. Fargo - is this show still any good I haven't watched it for ages?
16. Oh yeah great show - Jarod
17. Bender
20. Ironhide

Cheers Lee

MC said...

2 Leo Glynn
3 Dexter
4 Celia
5 Locke
7 Brett Hopper
8 Wallace Fennel
9 Ralph Wiggum
16 Ms Parker
17 Hermes Conrad
21 T-Bag

Arjan said...

Oz's 2nd would be Augustus Hill.

Dexter's 2nd would be Masuka ..he cracks me up.

SG1: Jackson is just awesome. Sometimes a bit nerdy maybe, but his character grew and grew.

T-bag: such a sick bastard.

Arjan said...

Inspired by allthatcomeswithit I'm building a blog banner atm.

It probably will be a compilation of the things I use to listen to my music (5.1 set, headphones, discman) and a part that might feature the last reviewed 1, 2 or even 3 soundtracks, linking to the posts.

Next to that I figured I can't update as fast as I would like to and therefor will make soundtrack-relevant posts next to the real reviews. Don't know yet how I'm gonna do this, but I'll figure it out.

Any ideas?

Arjan said...

can't seem to edit my own comments :S

after playing around for 30min or so: very temporary version

I'm not sure what to do with the 'Soundtracks of whatever' text and the summing up text. Might delete 'Soundtracks of whatever'(the text ;) ).

The pic above 'last reviewed' should might be a link in the future.

MC said...

Actually, I may be able to show you a way to retain that text (for google and search engines) with a single line of CSS.

Arjan said...

well the text stays in the url doesn't it..? So the searchengines shouldn't be a problem, should they?

But I'm always eager to learn :)

I also took a look at sounds worth finding out how it works exactly.

R2K said...

: )

ShadowFalcon said...

I have to plug battlestar gallactica - you'll love the soundtrack to season 3, there is a cover of All along the watch tower which is nothing short of awesome

MC said...

Not necessarily. Basically what you end up doing is telling browsers not to display that information to users, but it is still a part of your page for search engines.

When you have a header image ready, I will send you the code to insert onto your page, and explain where to put it, and everything work just fine.