Thursday, October 19, 2006

Veronica Mars ost

Yes..I'm addicted to tv series..sue me.

So Veronica Mars is yet another great tv series that is not on tv overseas (not in The Netherlands at least).
They've just started the 3rd season and it's still going strong.
I'll be reviewing the soundtrack per song..and then add a comment on the whole.
By reviewing, I will not just look at the music itself..but maybe even more if it really FITS into the movie/series. Because I think that is one of the most important things for a soundtrack.

1. We Used to Be Friends - The dandy warhols
This is the tv series theme. The series is about a girl (Veronica)who's dad is the town's sherrif but get's sacked after everybody thinks he fuckes up at a murdercase (blaming the richest man in town). After getting sacked, they off course lose a lot of friends who turn their backs on them.
So the entire song makes sense.
Next to that it is a very relaxt song with a bit of a spunk to it. Just like Veronica. She's a very nice girl..with spunk.

2. I Hear the Bells - Mike Doughty
A typical feel-good song. He sings about hearing bells ringing joyfull and about early

3. I Know I Know I Know - Tegan & Sarah
A sweet song about everlasting love, untill the relation ends because the lovers drift apart. But they will always love eachother anyway.
It has a sweetish sound to it..but it's not going so far as to sound irritating (like when I hear 'kiss me' by sixpence none the richer to often)

4. I Turn My Camera On - Spoon
After her dad get's sacked as the sherrif he starts up a private detective office.
He's darn good at it and because he can't do everything alone, Veronica does her part taking 'money-shots' with her camera whenever there is something that needs to be found out.
It has a bit of a white stripes sound to it. An easy drum that sticks in your ear.

5. No Sleep Tonight - The Faders
Try figuring out the meaning of this one ;)
A bit of a girlpunk song about someone who won't get any sleep tonight because the person in the song is madly in love and wants to get it on. Veronica falls in love with someone quite bad. (won't spoile it if you haven't watched the series yet..WHY NOT!!)

6. Dakota - Stereophonics
Right from the start it sounds like a Stereophonics song. Can't explain just does. And that's a good thing. A bit more speed in this song than in the previous songs (on the OST). I'll still have to find out why it's called 'Dakota' but it is about your girlfriend making you feel like you're the one for her. Maybe a bit of a sweet subject. But the stereophonics make it 'rocky'.

7. Sway - The Perishers
'I don't want to hurt you, I don't want to make you sway' That's the main line in this song.
A broken love..staying true friends.

8. Long Time Coming - Delays
Like a lot of bands..I didn't knew Delays. But they make a darn good song on this soundtrack. They easily deserve to tour with Stereophonics. If they would bring out some more songs overhere and go to Amsterdam's Paradiso..I'd visit!
I don't réally like to compare bands..but they could be named alongside Stereophonics..but they still have their own sound.

9. On Your Porch - The Format
A boy sings a song about loving a girl and some problems with his dad being very sick which was a very hard time.
The song has a bit of melodrama to it. It leaves a strange mix of sadness and resignation (when you know there's nothing more you can's good enough, you've tried hard). Not exactly really fitting in with the series by subject of the song..but it does represent the feelings.

10. Ocean City Girl - Ivy
A bit of a lounge track. Put it in a placelist with Air. It's just a little bit louder but you could almost picture the things in the song.
It's about that nothing can hurt the girl that got killed anymore. It's all good now.
Or at least that's what I feel listening to the song.

11. Momentary Thing - Something happens
Nothing lasts forever. 'It' was just a momentary thing but it was great while it lasted. Easy going song..untill the refrain kicks in! You may even jump a bit to this song! 'but after all..isn't this just a momentary thing!'

12. Way You Are - 46bliss
Put yourself..put yourself in my place. Trying to describe the feelings of different persons towards eachother. Try to see things how somebody else sees them for once.
And about staying yourself. A bit more noise than would be expected from this theme.

13. Lost & Found - Adrienne Pierce
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw love finding & losing it.
Nothing more to say about this one.

14. Lily Dreams On - Cotton Mather
Lily is the person (girl) that was killed. She was the best friend of Veronica.
She 'talks' to Veronica in her dreams. Lily herself always was a dreamer. So the song 'Lily dreams on' fits perfectly. This guy has a strange nice sounding accent. A bit of a slow 'gitar-plucking' song.

After writing the 'per-song' thing it sounds like the soundtrack is filled with songs about sweet romantic songs. But it just has a bit more rock to it. The songs emulate the emotions of love and confusion that Veronica has during the episodes.
Confusion about not knowing who murdered her best friend and about not fitting in in her old group of friends any more. And love for.....go find out!

The songs are mainly feel-good or feel-sad rock songs. But most of the time they just that bit extra to the songs to not make them corny. With a couple of big(ger) artists on the soundtrack I was surprised not to hear any of the songs on radio.
The Dandy warhols or Stereophonics could have made a big hit out of their attribution.

You can listen samples on Amazone or alike sites. And go go go watch that series. It's brilliant! Maybe the first 5 minutes make you think you're watching another high-school series. But that changes very very fast into a witty tv series that keeps surprising you. It will keep you on the edge of your seat trying to find clues for each major case that is a red line for each season (so they are busy with nr 3..but case 1 still lingers on).
The witty comments made by Veronica or others are funny..DAMN FUNNY! Not corny..they will make you laugh aloud. Ask my parents..they've asked again and again why me and my brother were laughing so loudly.

- damn long this one..- I get stuck trying to describe the tv series as well as the soundtracks :D


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The next review should be the Veronica Guerin Soundtrack.

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