Tuesday, October 03, 2006

UPDATE~! LFJ (looking for job ;)

coming soon. Real life interference sucks ;)
More on the Wire! HBO put up tracklistings for every episode so I don't have to scour (sp) through their boards. Will always check up Nora Lee's great site!!! Nora..great site lot's of good insight into The Wire, giving it the respect it deserves!! It's mainly an underground hit overhere. A shame!

More soundtrack reviews. I got a couple of soundtracks lying around. If people got ideas...I'm open to them. But being poor..I can't buy everything..(hmm maybe I should see if I can get this blog to be bigger so I get send soundtracks for free and review them. Getting free cd's , not having to download them, maaaaaaaaaaaaybe even getting paid for a hobby!!! It's always been a bit of a dream to get a (part-time) job that is really really a hobby. I'm not a music student or something, but I listen to a very broad range of music, so knowledge through experience I guess.
I can be a critic, but won't hack and slash music, 99% of the bands don't deserve that!! So anybody who can hook me up with anything--> APPRECIATED!!!


R2K said...

I got a job for you :P

Arjan said...


Something to do with a load of beer from last night that I didn't update today (wednesday).

Maybe tomorrow. I've got a bunch of soundtracks waiting to get reviewed. Any input is always appreciated. I'll see if it is torrentable and if it's good enough..affordable.