Friday, August 16, 2013

Orange is the new black

I've gotten the info below via Tunefind , The Stranger and 8tracks .

This is the start of a tracklisting for Orange is the new black. *updated 10th of August 2014 - watched up to 2.10,
still a lot to confirm, that means I haven't personally confirmed it yet*
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Trailer (trailer)
Rilo Kiley song - A Better Son/Daughter

1.01 I wasn't ready

Flashback bedroom scene Piper dances seductively for Alex
Benny Latimore - Let's Move and Groove Together 

The Staple singers - I'll take you there

Tampon scene
Katie Cruel - This is not a love song bitch

Alex: I guess now is probably a bad time to say “Hi.” 
Jill Barber- Chances

1.02 Tit punch

Chasing kings - Nice guys (unconfirmed)

Nada Surf - Always love (unconfirmed)

Sara Jackson-Holman - For Albert 

Crazy Eyes cops a feel/ holds Chapman’s hand
Captain planet ft Brit Lauren - Get you some

Luis Haseth - La chola civilizada (unconfirmed)

1.03 Lesbian request denied

Walking through the prison  
tUnE yArDs - Gangsta

Sophia is cleaning the makeup

Crazy eyes is pissing on the ground
Boss - I don't give a fuck

Flashback - Piper meets Alex
Stereophonics - Women in the magazines (unconfirmed)

1.04 Imaginary enemies

Shawn Lee & Princess superstar - Love like this (unconfirmed)

Dennis Coffey - Live wire 

Saviours - We roam

Claudette's scene where she commits the murder that got her into prison
String Quartet No. 13 in A Minor, D. 804, "Rosamunde": IV. Finale: Allegro moderato by Quartetto Pressenda

Hummed by Mendez while he is turning Piper's bunk upside down doing the sweep for the screwdriver
Edvard Grieg - In the Hall of the Mountain King

Mercy saying goodbye
A mainly acoustic version of this plays at the end of the episode where Mercy is saying goodbye and you can tell it is this song when it lifts up when the camera pans to Miss Claudette.
Sigur Ros - Glósóli    (there's a tribute version on spotify which is fúlly accoustic - added both)

1.05 The Chickening
Everyone gets ready for their sunday
Velvet underground - Sunday morning

End of the episode
Nancy Cassidy - Child chicken (unconfirmed)

1.06 WAC pack

Song on radio headphones
*rap song about Malcolm X ...*?

Background party music when Alex meets Polly
Ivy -  Disappointed 

Music playing during the 'election campaign'
*don't think it's Kelis like the Q&A Tunefind says...

Piper learns the election results
Little foot long foot - Kickface

1.07 Blood donut

Song played in bar

Aceyalone - Cornbread, Eddie and me

Jason Biggs sitting alone in a bar
Drew Isleib - The coast is clear

Piper is running on the track
Jaia Ganesha - Dum Dum Project (this is being disputed)

at 24.45 instrumental
Sia - Breath me (unconfirmed)

Thug party scene
*rendition of..* animals - don't let me be misunderstood (unconfirmed)

Afromode - Way to walk (unconfirmed)

1.08 Moscow mule

OBN Ills - No enemies (unconfirmed)

Jack Oblivian - Jealous heart (unconfirmed)

FitnessGlo - Southern moon (unconfirmed)

Chaptabois - Winner (unconfirmed)

Song on headphones

There may be a pregnancy revealing
Whispering Jack Smith - Baby face

1.09 Fucksgiving

Going away dance party 
Kelis - Milkshake

Gotta have you right now /in the chapel
Leagues - Walking backwards

The helio sequence - The measure (unconfirmed)

Where Alex is meeting her ad (playing in bathroom)
Pantera - Proud to be loud (unconfirmed)

Love as laughter - Stakes avenue (unconfirmed)

1.10 Bora Bora Bora
Ace Reporter - Untouched and Arrived (unconfirmed)

1.11 Tall men with feelings

Jim Mize - Looking for you (unconfirmed)

The dutchess and the duke - Living this life makes it hard

1.12 Fool me once

Piper cleans the bathrooms
Jem - Keep on walking

Boondox - Inbread evil

Chuck Prophet - Sonny Liston’s Blues (unconfirmed)

1.13 Can't fix crazy

Run DMC - Christmas in Hollis (unconfirmed)

SEASON 2 (watched up to 2.05, so can only confirm those tracks yet).

Arriving in Chicago
Andrew Bird - Pulaski at night

Cockroach walking along with a cigarette on it's back
Charles Bradley ft Menahan Street band - Love bug blues

Discover - Discover - (cover of Christina Aguilera's) Beautiful

Billy Hamilton - Crazy eyes

Morello waiting in the van + End of episode
Ann Wilson and Mike Reno - Almost paradise

Band in the bar
Sideboob - You slay me

Sideboob - The sorcerors  [don't know the song before that ;)]

Song played in the bar
Sideboob - Workers in the mine

Ending credits
Los Johnny Jets -  Trabajando En La Mina De Carbon / Sideboob - Workers in the mine
--> The Los Johnny Jets version is completely in Spanish, the version in the series ísn't...!! But the sideboob version isn't as 'Cuban-sounding'. Anyone got another version?

Check all the Sideboob songs here:


Poussey's flashback with German girl
Plain white T's - Hey there Delilah

Poussey in bed with the German girl
The stereo system - Daytime aka there goes the nighttime

Valentines party
The crossroads band - Heartbroke and busted

Chapman talking about the newsletter/asks others about love 
Earl Lewis and the Channels do what lovers do


More dancing
lyrics: say you love me baby, I don't want to be a part-time lover (?)

Pin the tail on the 'donkey' game (50 min in)

Tasteej doing the split
...  (54 min)

Sideboob at bar (various other parts)
Sideboob - You slay me  (see 2.05 for link)

Jessie Ware and Sampha - Valentine

*don't know which scene:
Sharon Clark and The product of time - I'm not afraid of love

Cindy tells V she's not scared of her
50ct - Death to my enemies

End of the episode
Blackchords - Into the unknown 


Spanish music in the car before the (first) robbery 
Song: ?

The Robbery
Karton ft Jeff Hann - Walking into the unknown

End credits
The Dead milkmen - Bitchin' Camaro 

Mendez is back
The growl - Cleaver lever 

Piper getting booze
Tom Waits - Come on up to the house

Bennet tells Caputo that Mendez got Diaz pregnant
Atmosphere - Bad bad daddy

Beulah - Burned by the sun (unconfirmed)

Duralexe - Phantom power (unconfirmed)

Joan Baez - Where have all the flowers gone?

The turtles - Let me be

OITNB cast ft Beth Fowler - O rest in the lord

Sara Jackson- Holman - Cellophane

OITNB cast ft Kimiko Glenn - Bitch

OITNB cast - Stay (I missed you)

Jake one ft MF Doom - Trap door

The horror herd - (Don't fear)The reaper (from Zombieland; BÖC cover!)

Deep blue something - Breakfast at Tiffany's


Unknown said...

Hey, thanks so much for this post!! I was crazy searching for one song, tried to look for it in reverse music seachr engines, but no success end then... found your post! btw, it was sunday morning by velvet underground.

Arjan said...

You're welcome :)
Great song!

There are still some songs missing, but I'll have a look at those again.


Lingerie Football League FanMan said...

I am trying to find the names of those Christmas songs in the last episode - they only had short snippets and there is one there I love.

Arjan said...

I'll have a look if I can find the time this weekend :)

Arjan said...

@ Lingerie Football League FanMan:

The info on Tunefind says:
'Run DMC - Christmas in Hollis '
Haven't confirmed this myself, but I'll try and confirm later this week - or let me know if you can confirm it :)

Lady Robyn said...

I have a song that CAN'T BE FOUND... At the end of episode 10, when Red & Nicky are talking about taking out Pornstache... PLEASE... WHAT IS THAT SONG????? No one EVER gets it right. It's not "Inbred Evil" from Boondox... & it's not "Living This Life Is So Hard" from The Duchess & The Duke. Please... do you know what it is? I'm going nuts!

Arjan said...

Hi Lady Robyn,

I'm going to try and check for you this weekend. I've found some of the track info is scattered in the wrong places. For instance with Tunefind people ask a q about ep 5 in the comment section of ep12 or vice versa. Really annoying...
Do you have anything like Song kick or Shazaam that may be able to help?

Anyways, I'll give it a listen again.

Thanks for visiting, I'll post the answer here if I find it. Have a good weekend.