Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spotify playlists for tv-series 3

TV themes soundtracks
If you're looking for a tune from a tv series, current or from way back when..there's a big chance you'll find it here.
TV Themes Soundtracks by Becky Ballantine

The 8th season just started. With lots of classic rock you know or might not know yet. I didn't know Blue Öyster Cult until about 4-5 years back when I heard a song of theirs in Supernatural. Best discovery ever.
There are various people with playlists of Supernatural out there, but this list had the most at the moment of subscribing :)
Supernatural by Kyle Healeas

Not really sure about the music in Community, but then again, if you don't notice music all that much, it's a sign that they're good picks.
Community Soundtrack by Robin Rodgers

If you haven't seen season 1 of this, go watch it right now. Check out music that fits the series.
Jazz music inspired by Homeland by Paul Dahill

Mad Men
A great series that I should really start watching again.
Mad men by Paul Dahill

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