Saturday, November 24, 2012

James Bond - Skyfall

Instead of looking at the whole soundtrack, I'll just post 3 versions of Skyfall that I really like, of course including Adele's version. Not in any particular order except for the order in which I heard them.

Adele - Skyfall

Josie Charlwood - Skyfall
Brilliant singer from England, check out her facebookpage for more of her music!

Marjoram - Skyfall
Local (Groningen, The Netherlands) talent!


Lee said...

I didn't really think much of the song the very first time I heard it but it really has grown on me.

I was the same way with You Know My Name which I really love now.

Arjan said...

Some songs really need to grow on you indeed.

High Power Rocketry said...

I like Josie!

Arjan said...

then also check out the Youtube saturday post of the 22nd of december (features another song of hers)..or check out her youtube channel. She makes a lot of aweseome tracks with a loop-pedal.

*hopping over to HPR, it's been too long.