Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sucker Punch OST

It's been way too long. I've finally decided to reanimate this ánd take some good time digging up info on tracks from The Wire since it's by far the most popular and asked for content.

Sucker Punch OST (all links go to youtube)
1 Emily Browning - Sweet dreams (are made of this)
2 Björk ft Skunk Anansie - Army of me (sucker punch remix)
3 Emiliana Torrini - White rabbit
4 Queen ft Armageddon (aka Geddy) - I want it all/We will rock you mash-up
5 Skunk Anansie - Search and destroy
6 Carla Azar & Alison Mossheart - Tomorrow never knows
7 Yoav ft Emily Browning - Where's my mind
8 Emily Browning - Asleep
9 Carla Cugino & Oscar Isaac - Love is the drug

As a short note on the movie: I liked it. I can enjoy the layered storyline although they could've done a better job at it. The steampunk action scenes were just over the top nazi-zombie raids and attacks on dragons and orcs lead by Spock Prime which is basicly food for 'Awesome!' motivational posters.

Sweet dreams gives the soundtrack a dark and gloomy start.

Army of me
Björk's voice really fits the absurd world they've created and Skunk Anansi gives it a finishing action touch reminding me a bit of of the triphop tracks featured in the Blade Soundtracks (espec. #3).

White rabbit: Some classics shouldn't be touched is something you hear people say often enough, and I sometimes tend to agree, but if you hear Torrini's take on this one, these people are proven wrong.

I want it all/we will rock you
I didn't know the rapper Armageddon but he really manages to make a possibly strange illfitting mix into an awesome raw track. The fact that I didn't cringe when he raps/talks over We will rock you surprised me positively since it's not strange to come across horrible tracks that try make an easy hit by using we will rock you sample.

Search and destroy: Another classic touched in an awesome way. Skin has the voice to make it raw and the band gives it exactly enough agression.

Tomorrow never knows
Never heard of Carla Azar before, but I really like this dreamy sound. Somehow it conjures up an image of a dance in an opium filled room of a harem (I know...crazy).

Where is my mind? I could play this on repeat all day, gloomy rock that sticks.

Asleep: I'm leaving on a jetplane (nót a cover - just reminds me of it), but different. I could fall asleep to this, in a good way.

Love is the drug
Isaac's introduction gives a Moulin Rouge feeling to this track and you've got to love that eastern European accent that Cugino uses in this song. Great trumpets!

This is the best soundtrack I've heard this year. A sign of a good soundtrack is that it fits the movie like a glove and at the same time is able to hold its own, and that's exactly what it does. It contains covers and mixes of some great classic songs and these bands manage not only to nót screw these classics over, but to pull it off! I don't know if there were any songs especially made with this movie in mind, but the selection is gold.


Dan said...

I've not seen this yet, but I hear that one of the best things about it was the soundtrack.

Arjan said...

I think it kinda depends what you want from the movie, but the soundtrack is really good in any case :)

Lee said...

I LOVE the Sweet Dreams cover which is of course a cover of Marilyn Manson cover of Eurythmics...

The rest whilst I can easily listen to it I'm particularly not fond of the Queen mashups

Still haven't seen this but looking forward to it!

Pat Tillett said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm going to. The zombie-nazi reference makes me want to see it more!
This version of White Rabbit was much better than expected! She didn't muck around with it and I think it holds up well!

roger said...

I have just finished my exams. I will watch this movie. This looks like an interesting movie. Thanks.

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